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35000 new food products added

A few days ago we rolled out the addition of a new data source for all of our users.

The ESHA food product database adds over 35000 new food items for American food products and restaurant meals.

These items contain exactly what would be on the product’s nutrition label, so they don’t necessarily have the same detailed nutrient breakdown that our more generic food items have from scientific database sources (i.e. the USDA & NCCDB items), but they provide great coverage (for Americans) of commercial products for which we previously lacked any details.

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  • Agree with the grams etc. and love what has been done to modify the daily summary bar. A simple solution for people who want to do cups, etc. is to simply weigh their own item in their usual measuring device one time and denote how many grams it is. For example, if a cup of cereal was 35 grams. Then just always use that cup and recored that amount of grams. It won't be as accurate as weighing it out every time, but for most people, it will probably be similar, and you can always test your muscle memory by occasionally repeating the weighted measurement to ensure you're not adding too much over-flow or not filling it the same amount. Not a perfect solution, but better than none, and really easy.

  • I've been using this site for detailed nutritional information for my wife who has CKD and a very restrictive diet for potassium and phosphorus. These entries suck as contain the manufacturers BS, they do not have any detail, no levels of minerals and vitamins and so they are totally misleading. I need to find another site to track from if this is how it will go.

    • You won't find one. See my comment below to Jimmy Wells.

      I chose Cronometer because it permits tracking of so many nutrients, but it can't track that for which there is no known (or disclosed) data. You'll need to do that yourself using known ingredients (in a recipe).

      It's the processed foods that are sometimes missing information, not foods in their natural or minimally processed state. But you can use the generic listings to figure out the nutrients that are important to you.

      The only other way is to find a lab that will let you pay them to analyze specific foods.

      Good luck.

    • Hey Paul, you know you can create a copy of any foods that are missing information, and edit any of the numbers to add in what's missing right? Effort is minimal once you've added in what your wife eats most frequently.

      One of the best advantages for cronometer that other trackers just lack.

  • Aaron,nI use the Cron-o-meter software on my coueptmr. I was glad to see something where I could use it with my phone as I always ended up dragging my laptop into and out of the kitchen. I've been playing with the online version today and I noticed I imported my settings from the software into the website and set up a profile. I have a problem though. I have two google accounts. With my phone, if I hit the log in with Google, it automatically chooses the wrong account. It's not even the account I am logged into the Google apps on the Droid with. How can I change this? Also, I would like to make a suggestion. Since I space my 6 meals out during the day, it would be nice if the software would allow my to input and show the time each item was eaten. Good job and thank you for all your hard work!

    • If you can't choose which google account to use, you could set a password (Profile tab of website) and then use that to log in on the phone.

  • In future releases it would be helpful to me if the EZEKIEL BREADS were included in the database. They are 100% sprouted Whole Grain product, with no added oil or flour. This is a very helpful program that I use daily to monitor my macro nutrient ratio (80-10-10 Goal) & to determine where any excess oil or protein is coming from. I promote this program wherever possible as it helped me achieve an "In Normal Range BMI" finally at age 61 after a lifetime of being overweight and obese.

    • The known nutritional information in Ezekiel can be input into a new food and saved to your personal database. The USDA database does not have a more detailed breakdown of nutrients for this particular bread, although it does have a general listing for sprouted wheat bread:


      I sometimes create recipes for missing foods in order to get complete nutritional information, but if you want the correct proportions, you'll need to write to Food For Life to see if they will disclose the information to you. It's even possible they have more data than is available on their website, so it doesn't hurt to ask.

      Cronometer can't get this data out of thin air, and if the companies that make prepared foods aren't providing the information, it's not going to be in any database Cronometer pulls from.

  • Wow, latecomer to the barcode thing--it really works! Guess I should pay more attention when my phone says an update is ready. :) Thanks to all of you who bring us this fantastic change agent for our health.

  • Hello,
    thanks for this very useful tool. For the time being, I use cronometer in the free version.
    I would appreciate if you could insert some new foods items : I use many products from Markus Rothkranz : The Wild Force Green Formula, the Wild Force Vitamine C, the Free Liver powder ...
    The other day, I was also looking for the following item : ready-made gluten free short pastry.
    As I live in France, it's sometimes difficult to find everything on the lists.

    Many thanks for all !

  • Hey Admin,

    I guess you will have thought of this, but why not introduce a system where users become rated and are allowed to upload new recipes / ingredients when they demonstrate a level of proficiency / reliability (and where ingredients are sufficiently detailed)? The ratings vote can be given by other users who also have achieved a sufficient rating. Hope you know what I mean (most foods will then eventually be covered).


    • John,

      Not a bad idea, thanks! It will get put on our features request list and prioritized agains the other items on the list, no promises though. It is a difficult problem for us. The man hours is crazy to quality control all the recipe inputs for us to let be public. Your idea will get passed on. I am fairly new here, so not sure if this hasn't been brought up, but I like it.


  • You all Life extension products except their main product .... life extension mix powder.... I do not understand why ... I would add it if I knew how
    You also have garden of life products but not
    Raw organic perfect food alkalizer & drtoxifier juices green superfood ... again would enter the data if I knew how