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Announcing CRON-O-Meter Gold

Today we are announcing a new premium subscription version:  CRON-O-Meter Gold. For Gold subscribers, we can offer CRON-O-Meter advertisement-free. We also offer priority support, new chart and analysis options, food sharing (for couples), and will be offering subscribers early access to our android mobile app.

Gold subscribers get some new analysis options in place of those pesky advertisements. The nutrition summary now has a nutrient balance display for your Zinc : Copper and Omega-3 : Omega-6 ratios. These nutrients are important to get in the right ratio and not just adequate amounts. These balance widgets help show where you stand relative to the optimal ratios.

Nutrient Balances

The metrics chart can now display smoothed trends instead of the actual data points, making it easier to see your overall trend amidst what is often quite noisy data. The biometrics data can also be exported to .csv format so you can open it in a spreadsheet and do further custom analysis.

The food sharing feature is ideal for couples that are sharing a lot of common meals. Once you link your accounts, your custom foods and recipes can be shared with one another. So if one person enters tonight’s dinner as a recipe, the other one doesn’t need to go through the trouble of entering the same recipe details. The other’s items will show up in their food search results.

Advertising revenue is not enough to fund full-time development of cronometer.com and corresponding mobile apps, so subscribers can help fund the further development of cronometer.com and related apps.  Consider subscribing today and helping us to continue making cronometer.com the best heath tracking package there is!

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    • Functionally as of this post, they are the same. The gold app will allow only gold members to download and login to the app. It is a way for us to get gold members the app for free. We are working to get gold features on the app but we are a small company and we don't have any time frame for any of those features at this time.

      Best regards,


  • How much is Cronometer Gold? Dr. Mercola is offering 20% off as a bonus if you buy his new book, Fat for Fuel. Is it worth it?

  • I would like to purchase the Cronometer for Life program. Please let me know how.
    Thank you.

    • Butch

      We changed that 6-7 months ago. If you had an account before that time you can get a lifetime subscription as you were grandfathered in. If after that, that option is not available any more. From any page, click on the dropdown under your email address at the top right of the page. Click gold subscription and you will have the appropriate option associated with your account. I assume you will not have a lifetime option there, which means your account was created after the change.

      Best regards


  • I am using android version 5.0 lollipop. It is not working on my phone.
    any solution ?

    • Can you send this to support@cronometer.com with more details please. Be as specific as you can and include screen shots if applicable. That will all help us understand better what is going on.

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    • Ethan

      Here are the current gold prices:

      Year - $34.99
      6 months - $24.95
      1 month - $5.99

      Best regards


      • I paid $19.99 for six months, but when my husband signed up, his was $24.95. He has an iPhone and I have an Android. Why was his more?

        • Hi Sally, we've adjusted our pricing plans for new users, but have kept the old pricing for our older users, which is why you see the difference.

  • I just purchased a Gold membership. I already have the regular pay version of the iPhone app. Do I need to download the Gold app for full functionality, or did my purchase unlock Gold features in the regular paid app?

    • John

      The regular app and the gold are the same in functionality at this time. The gold app is a free download, but only allows gold subscribers to login to it. It is the only we can get the app to you free through iTunes.

      Best regards


  • These features are great but I would like to see the breakdown of Essential Fatty Acids. Omega 3's, 6's and 9's are very distinct in what they are.
    What I am talking about is already available in the USDA Databases
    Linoleic Acid
    α-Linolenic Acid
    Gamma Linolenic Acid
    Omega 3 - EPA
    Omega 3 - DHA
    If this would be possible at least to connect to the USDA database items (that contain this information) that would be excellent. This would also give us the ability to edit foods and supplements accordingly.

    • Renato

      Where are you seeing that with the USDA? We have the current data of SR28 in Cronometer. They typically only have limited data reported for omega 3 and 6's and do not break them down any further. That is why we do not have LA, ALA, and GLA listings for you to add.

      If you have more info please let us know and we can look at.

      Best regards


  • I subscribed to the Gold version so that I could edit the reports. I think it the advertisement said, "...make professional looking reports." How do I edit the reports?

    • Maureen

      On the Trends page in your full reports tab, you can create reports. Set the parameters you desire and generate the report. You can print and save as pdf's.

      Best regards


  • I just downloaded Cronometer 2 days ago, forgetting that in the book fat for fuel, we can get 20% off the gold app. I am considering upgrading to the gold after using it for two days, but will I have to uninstall this app, as I forgot to download using mercola?

  • I bought the gold version. I have watched UTube videos and read the resources under help. I need to set my macros but everytine I do it they change back to some system default. The videos and resources offered show me settings and screenshots of things that I don't even have on my screen so I am not sure how I am suppose to follow any of it. How do I set my macros and have them stay as fixed values???