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Gold Subscribers get a new feature this week: Ask The Oracle. Located on the Foods tab, the nutrient oracle can help you explore the food database to find good sources for particular nutrients.

The results can be ranked in three different ways: Highest amount Per Calorie, highest amount per Gram, and by The Oracle.  The last option ranks foods according to a wide variety of factors.  Ranking by nutrient density per calorie isn’t always a great way to find good foods to add to your diet to shore up a nutrient deficiency. For example, certain spices are very nutrient dense per calorie, but you would never consume that item in enough volume to get a significant amount of the nutrient.  You’re going to have a hard time eating 200 grams of cinnamon, let me tell you!  Also, many foods that are rich in certain nutrients are not very practical or popular. Alaskan Ring Seal Livers may be great, but you’ll have a hard time finding them at your grocery store.

The Oracle considers nutrient density, food popularity, and how much of a nutrient is in a typical serving size. It actively learns from all of you what foods people really eat, and how much at a time. This helps finding practical choices much easier. You can also filter by food category (pretty important to you vegans out there), to find the best choices in that category alone.

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