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Cronometer Pro: Dietary Analysis Software

What Is Cronometer Pro? Cronometer Pro is a dietary analysis software built for health professionals. The web-based platform harbours all of the power and accuracy


A Deeper Look At Our Integrated Wearables

Wearable Devices That Integrate With Cronometer Our Cronometer staffers are pretty techy individuals; many of us use wearables to keep us on track, keep us


MyPlate Alternative: Cronometer

New Update! You can now import your MyPlate data into Cronometer. Learn how. Welcome, MyPlate Users! Hearing the latest news of MyPlate discontinuing their app,


5 Ways To Spread The #CronoLove

Spread The #CronoLove We’re not shy to admit – we LOVE you. Each and every one of you. We strive every day to help make


Using Cronometer On The Keto Diet

Tips For Using Cronometer On The Ketogenic Diet We know that a ton of our users are following a ketogenic diet, so we’ve created several


Goal Set Like a Boss

What is one dream you have always wanted to accomplish? There is a good chance you have one at the forefront of your mind –


Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Immunity Boosting Micronutrients Since it’s flu season – and most of us at the office are feeling it – we thought we’d shine a light


Where Does Energy Come From In Your Diet?

Where Does Energy Come From? It’s no secret that our bodies use food to energize us and keep our systems running. Carbohydrates are our bodies’


Cronometer Frequently Asked Questions

You Might Be Wondering… Sometimes Cronometer might surprise you – either the way the app functions or when you see the nutrition information on a


Team Building Week at Cronometer

The Band is Back Together! After a two-year hiatus the Crono Team, or the newly coined Cronomites, are all back together for a week of


9 Reasons To Upgrade To Cronometer Gold

Go for Gold! All of us at Cronometer thrive on empowering our users with comprehensive, accurate nutrition data. As such, we’ve created a version of


Tracking Nutrition Without Focusing on Calories

Tracking Nutrition Without Calories How does one effectively track their nutrition while avoiding counting calories? We’ve seen this question pop up a few times recently,

App Updates

Cronometer Tracks Dietary Oxalate

New To Cronometer: Dietary Oxalate Our latest app release includes loads of new and improved features including the ability to track dietary oxalate, a keto


Cronometer Welcomes SparkPeople Users

Welcome SparkPeople Users! We’re sad to hear that SparkPeople will no longer offer nutrition and exercise tracking. This leaves current users looking for an alternative;


Is Sugar Bad for You?

Let’s Learn About Sugar! If there is one food is highly contested it’s sugar! How many articles/blogs/magazine headlines have you seen that are just concerned


Cronometer Holiday Giveaway!

We want you to win this wearable! We are absolutely over the moon to announce that we are giving away this amazing Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch


Cronometer Pro Feature: Custom Biometrics

Cronometer Pro + Custom Biometrics Cronometer Pro takes your nutrition monitoring business to the next level with our amazing data quality and a bevy of

Happiest Holidays

Cronometer 2018: The year in Review

Like every year before it, Cronometer had an amazing year of change and growth. But this year felt substantially different for us.  In 2018 we

Cronometer logo

Cronometer: The Nutrition Super Tracker

The USDA will no longer offer food and physical activity tracking through SuperTracker, leaving current users looking for an alternative. Cronometer has garnered a reputation

online security

Security at

Brian here, CTO at In light of recent events at MyFitnessPal, I thought it would be good to let you know our approach to

2017 Year in Review

Cronometer 2017: The Year in Review

  We’re wrapping up a pretty huge year for us here at Cronometer. We’re still a relatively small company, but 2017 saw a lot of

2018 Resolutions

Setting Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Another guest post from Susan Macfarlane, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist utilizing to help run a busy private practice in Ontario, discussing the challenge of new

Six Tips for Successful Weight-Loss Tracking

I’m Susan Macfarlane and I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist running a busy private practice in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m also a nutrition contributor


What’s Up With Vitamin A?

What’s up with vitamin A and I have one lousy small carrot and I am at 278% of my daily requirement for vitamin A.