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Holiday Gift Guide: Activity Trackers

The Gift of Health Our Cronometer Staffers are pretty techy individuals; many of us use wearables to keep us on track, keep us in the


Team Building Week at Cronometer

The Band is Back Together! After a two-year hiatus the Crono Team, or the newly coined Cronomites, are all back together for a week of


Home Workouts and Cronometer

Most of the world is currently on lock down for quarantine. People are being asked to stay indoors unless it’s a necessity to go out.


Marathon Training with Cronometer

We are so proud to have a very active staff! This summer staffers Robbie, Marie-Eve and Eliisa plan on running the Banff Marathon. Here’s how


Feature Friday: Staffer Spencer

What kind of diet do you follow. Why? I do intermittent fasting with an 8 hour eating window that starts around noon. With a new


Feature Friday: Staffer Karen

1. What kind of diet do you follow. Why? While I am pregnant, I am aiming for healthy weight gain and to reach my micronutrient


Feature Friday: Staffer Robbie

1. What kind of diet do you follow? Why? I’m vegetarian (vegan at home); I do it to for personal ethical reasons; as a result


Feature Friday: Staffer Hilary

1. What kind of diet do you follow? Why? I follow the Cook-Eat-Ski-Sleep-Veggie diet in order to maintain my mental and physical health. To spice


Feature Friday: Staffer Marie-Eve

We Get You Each and every person that creates an account on Cronometer is unique – they all have their own story. We appreciate that