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CRON-O-Meter for iPhone is now available in the App Store

At long last, we now have an iPhone app available for users of CRON-O-Meter. Like the Android client, this is not as full featured as the web version itself, but allows for quick and easy viewing of your diary and logging items on the go.

Note: If you normally log into the web site using Facebook/Google/Yahoo you will need to go to the Profile tab and choose an alternative username and password for your account, as the app does not let you log in using the third party providers.

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  • I'm pretty happy that there's an iPhone app. Overall, hands down, CRON-O-Meter is stellar. Any idea when/if there will be 3rd party support (login via Facebook) for the iPhone app? That's the missing piece of the puzzle for me.

    • We're working on facebook login for the iOS app. In the meantime, you can still use your facebook linked web account on iOS by going to the profile tab of cronometer.com and setting an auxiliary username and password for logging into the mobile apps.

  • Is there any chance the iPhone application could show the nutritional breakdown of individual foods? It would also be helpful to have the option to "break the day" so to speak, into breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack with the option of user-defined categories (say for those who only eat twice a day etc)

  • I have an account with chronometer on the web but when I try to use the app, it will not let me sign in with my same email and password. Help!

    • It should. Usually that problem is associated with using the wrong email/password combo. Send an email with the email you are using to support@cronometer.com and we can look from our end.



  • I just watched the introduction video and heard that there is a feature of chronometer syncing with Apple Health but could not find anything about it. I have that feature on my iPhone SE. Is this possible or is the best way to use it is by purchasing the app?

  • Why do you have to purchase the iphone app when I have a Gold subscription?
    I can't get the barcode to scan on my Samsung Galaxy tablet & was hoping the iphone app would allow me to.

  • So, you have to search for "Cronometer Gold" app on your Iphone not just "Cronometer. "
    Still can't figure out how to use the barcode. Anyone?

  • I use the Cronometer app on my iPad and it works pretty well. It is a little cumbersome adding to the diary for items I eat everyday. I'm sure I just haven't figured out the short cuts. Is there a way to copy single items to the next day? Right now I am copying the whole day and then deleting items. Also there is an option to "rearrange entries" where you add exercise and biometrics. But it doesn't seem to work, the only action it lets me do is delete an item. How does it work?

  • I bought the app for iPhone to scan food barcodes. However, this app does not seem to support that...am I missing something? Please clarify how exactly to get this app to actually scan a barcode to enter a new food. There is no added value in trying to enter all the details on a phone, as I already use the web app. Hoping I did not just waste some money...

  • I too am a Gold subscriber that purchased the Gold app and can not scan in a barcode.
    Looks like this has been a deficiency since 2016 and it's nearly the end of 2017 (10/30/2017).
    Any idea why this hasn't been implemented yet? Why else would I buy the app since I can use the web app on my phone via Safari?


    • Andrew, we've had a barcode scanner for a long time. Tap the barcode icon in the mobile app on the food search screen.