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Data export added

For our subscribers, we’ve added a new feature today. There is now the ability to export all of your diary data to .csv files. These can be opened in spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or Google Docs, where you can slice and dice your data any way you like.

For all users, the nutrition report contains a new option to include or exclude supplements from the report data. This is useful if you want to see how nutritionally dense your diet is sans-supplements.

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  • This is great! Even though the graphs on your site are prettier, there were a few I wanted that you didn't have and now I can make them.

  • I have a number of ideas that aren't entirely hashed out yet and I'm not sure how many of these would even make sense for the site because they can be a bit personal. But that is what the wonder of the export allows me :) A few off the top of my head...

    1) I'd like to see graphs of my exercise levels. This would basically be the difference between gross and net calories. Maybe on an activity by activity basis.

    2) I've been toying with the idea of 'coding' or standardizing some note entries for later tally. Something I can parse the values of to possibly track things like mood and motivation levels and see if they correlate to foods/exercise/calorie intake and such.

    3) Allow me to tally custom ranges. Your X weeks is great for long term progress, but I'm just changing from weight loss to weight maintenance mode and will now want to occasionally compare pre and post transition separately as I tweak my diet.

    • Robin

      It got moved to the profile page in the account info settings. Still there, just moved it to clean things up.

      Best regards


      • too difficult to find! I have lifetime membership. Took me "forever" to consider selecting the grayed-out dropdown to find options, since I don't need to change my membership.
        Please consider moving to a location easier to find!

        • Karen

          Will do, we will get it on our list to consider. Thanks for the feedback.

          Best regards