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Database updated with new USDA sr24

The USDA has recently released version sr24 of their food database. We’ve updated our foods with this new information. This release adds over 300 new food items, as well as more accurate nutritional information for existing items.

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  • Both Canned Salmon in water and plain almonds are showing a very high transfats content in your list. I thought they both contained good fats, certainly not transfats. Is this an error?

    • Those items contain small amounts of transfats according to the USDA. What do you mean by 'very high'? It looks like trace amounts to me (1 can of salmon had 0.1g of trans fats). It may appear high because your target is 0g, so even trace amounts shoot the % bar to full & red.

  • Yes, because the actual value is not 0 (for display purposes, it rounds it down to 0, but the actual value might be 0.0000001). But since 0.000001 > 0, it shows the bar as red. Perhaps it would be fine with everyone if I only display the bar if the rounded value is non-zero. It's less correct, but I suppose it would be more meaningful / less confusing for people.

    • Probably so... In any case, just wanted to say that I love this tool! I have spent years trying to keep track of my calorie intake the old fashion way. This tool makes it so easy to lose weight while ensuring appropriate nutrition. Thank you!

      • Me too! This is the best online tracker I have seen. I'll be upgrading to gold soon, when I can scrape up the $ (currently unemployed).

  • As an aside, trans fats in whole foods are completely different from trans fats created in food processing. The science isn't in my head right now but the long and short of it is, you don't need to worry if you see trans fats showing up in natural meats. It's a different kind, and not a health risk.