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Device Sync Updates

Just a few small updates today on our device integrations. We’ve added a ‘Export Food Calories’ checkbox to the fitbit sync, which will now export calories eaten to your fitbit account.

We’re now also importing sleep and activity data from withings sync.

We’re working hard on adding Garmin support, and hope to have that out for y’all in July!

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  • Thank you very much! I think this is something that should be heavily publicized as to push Cronometer out ahead of My Fitness Pal. It saddens me every time I see that app suggested. There are so many more things that need to be tracked beyond P/C/F.

    Is this only for gold subscribers or for every user? I'm gold, but it's something that I could add as a feature when I make the suggestion for Cronometer over others.

  • My Jawbone Up3 was synching but now has stopped and despite "turning it off and on again" it won't synch. Any suggestions or is this now a feature of the Gold version only??


    • Wendy,

      It is not a gold feature. Have you tried to link it again? Here are the steps: https://cronometer.com/blog/?p=31298

      If you still have problems send this request to support@cronometer.com please. We haven't seen anything on our side, or had more complaints about this. Let us know at support if it persists and we will be able to look at your account there.



  • Since July 5 it's not syncing the data from my Fitbit, even though I sync it with my pc everyday, and I do see the data on my Fitbit account.
    I tried unlinking and relinking again, but that did not fix it.

    How can I fix this?

    • and the export food doesn't seem to work that well either, I only see filled in calories on my Fitbit page for June 14-17, nothing else.

  • Awesome! Just got a Garmin last month and I really wanted to have it connect with Cronometer, because I didn't want to lose my nearly three years of data just to switch over to an inferior and regressive application like MFP. I am reaaaally excited!

  • Hi Crono-Team

    You guys are doing great work. thanks so much,
    this platform is just awesome!!

    Looking forward to import data from Garmin.
    Any news on this? when is it expected to be released?

  • Are you guys also working on exporting to Jawbone? I would love to be able to get calorie tracking from Cronometer into my Jawbone UP3. I appreciate the work you've already done to import sleep and activity from Jawbone to Cronometer.

    • Sara

      Not at this time, but it is on our features list. Not sure when or if it will happen.

      Best regards,


  • I had the issue with Cronometer not pulling my Jawbone Up data for a few days but it resolved itself. I second the request for syncing data back to the Up App but I'm sure you guys have a features request list a mile long. Thank you for all the improvements!

  • Activities are appearing on the wrong day.

    I'm finding that the activities in the morning here in Australia (GMT-10), are appearing in the previous day. Please fix.

    • Chris,

      We will be taking a look at this this week. Please let us know if it persists.