Dynamic Macronutrient Targets: What They Mean

In this blog we will discuss the new change to Cron-O-Meter, dynamic macronutrient targets and what the targets in the dropdown menu (zone, paleo, ketogenic, LFRV) mean and resources for you to learn more on their specifics.

On the diary page below where you put your foods eaten for the day, you will find the calorie summary box. By clicking on the gear icon on the top right of the box, you will get an expanded version of the calorie summary section. At the bottom right you will see the dynamic macronutrient targets area depicted below.

This area will allow you to select different macronutrient (protein:carb:fat) ratios to follow. The drop down menu has some popular built in ratios that you can select.   Here are what they are and what they designed to do according to the leaders in those areas:

  1. Default: This setting will set your targets to the RDA standards based on your age. Click here for the current RDA table.
  1. Even: This is an even ratio of 1:1:1 (protein:carb:fat) or 33.3% each.
  1. The Zone: The ratios in The Zone are 3:4:3 (30%/40%/30%). The primary ingredients are low-fat protein, colorful carbohydrates rich in polyphenols, and fat that is low in both saturated fat and omega-6 fats. zonediet.com
  1. Paleo: Paleo is the rage now and it is a ratio of 15:20:65. A Paleo dietshould be high in fat, moderate in animal protein and low to moderate in carbohydrates. Loren Cordain is one of the leading experts on the Paleo Diet. www.thepaleodiet.com It does have some restrictions like no dairy, grains, legumes, refined sugars, and salt.
  1. LFRV: Is a high carb, low fat vegan approach with a 1:8:3 (8%/67%/25%). More can be found here:   http://www.30bananasaday.com/
  1. Low carb/Keto: This high-fat diet limits carbs and protein to induce a biological process called ketosis. You can learn more at: http://www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com/
  1. Custom: Selecting custom will allow you to put whatever ratio combination you desire in the boxes. With this selection the boxes will become active to be edited.

These options we give you need to be considered carefully and with your health practitioners.

At the very bottom of this section, you will see the option to select ‘Total Carbs” or “Net Carbs”.  This selection will be the carbohydrate percentage format that is depicted on the blue carbohydrate macronutrient bar.

Once you have set a target to follow, you can select the top box “show full macronutrient breakdown” and four sets of bars will now be depicted in the calorie summary. Here is what will be added to your view:

Screen shot Calorie summary net:total carbs targets

The top bar is a depiction of your custom energy target for the day (Basal Metabolic Rate, BMR) based on the vitals you set up on the profile page.   You can customize your target calories by clicking this bar. The protein, carbs, and fat targets below will now automatically be adjusted based on BMR and the ratios you have selected in the targets area.

We hope this will help you use Cron-O-Meter more effectively to obtain your desired health goals. The selections in the macronutrient target area are informative and you must be careful on which ratio you desire to use. We strongly urge you to consult a health practitioner to help you choose the target range that best suits your needs and goals.

Please let us know if this post was helpful and if you have any questions. In our next blog I will discuss the “net” and “total” carbs bar in the calorie summary box.

Live well!




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