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How did you hear about Cronometer?

1) I learned about Cronometer from a web page, I googled macro tracking app and it brought me to an article that listed the best apps and I choose to give Cronometer a try.

What is your favourite Cronometer feature?

2) The best thing about it for me is the possibility to add your own food to it. I’m from Italy and many of the products I use are not listed. So, I find it very helpful – not only for me but also for all the people that will come after me searching for the same product.

Tell us about your diet?

3) I’m vegan. I became vegan around three years ago and before that I was omnivorous. I find that as a vegan tracking your nutrients is super important (but in general everyone should not underestimate the power of knowing your nutrients levels). This app allows me to be less worried about if I’m getting enough iron or enough water or other things.

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