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    I have never been so confused in my life. They have done a terrible job IMHO with creating an interface that one can actually understand.

    ( I do not know what is wrong with this forum as I have never gotten a single answer to any posed question and I am about to give up and just write tech support)

    Imported into yesterdays dairy were 2 Gamin entries: (I can not cut and paste from the dairy for some reason)

    Daily activity 72 minutes -1132
    Running 20 minutes -110

    Under “exercise” I have the correct sum of these 2 as 1242 calories.

    What I actually did was spend 20 minutes walking to the mailbox and back and about 4 hours in the garden doing fairly strenuous work for an out of shape 60 year old.

    These numbers seem very high (are they?) The claim that I burned 1132 calories in 72 minutes (am I interpreting this correctly?) is absurd.

    Trying to figure out where these calories came from in the Gamin connect app is another can of worms. That is even more obtuse than what I have described on the CM end of things.

    Any help appreciated. I am not happy with Garmin. There is no reason to make this rocket science.

    Thanks in advance

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    I own this same device. The “Daily Activity” entry is calculated from your step count. If you go to the Garmin Connect webpage, on the Daily Summary Activities tab, you can see your step count and the calories calculated. You will find it is equal to the “Daily Activity” entry imported by CRON-O-Meter.

    I haven’t found a way to prevent Garmin from exporting this data or CRON-O-Meter from importing it. Even if I delete it from my CRON-O-Meter diary, it reappears next time the app syncs with Garmin Connect. It pollutes my data in CRON-O-Meter, as I want to see only the intentional fitness activities for each day, not incidental things like walking around.

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    Frank Alvarez

    You can set your general activity in Cronometer to none and then have the import from Garmin be your activity. That would be a more accurate rendering of what you are doing since we use a formula to estimate what you are doing.

    That may clean things up for you.

    Best regards


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