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    I bought a standard, dried, yellow splitpeas product from the stores. The product label states:
    359 kcalories
    29 Fat
    0.8 saturated fat
    61 carbohydrates
    6 sugar
    55 starch
    4.7 Fiber
    22 protein

    The closest food in the cronometer database is: Split Peas, Yellow or Green, Cooked From Dried
    However it’s cooked (whereas the productlabel is dried). If I pick this food from the database and multiply every data of it by 3, the nutritiondata becomes almost identical, as the weightchange is caused by water.
    However, the fiber value is drastically different. It’s 32 grams! This correlates with every other data available on the internet.

    So my question is: how come the product label is so wrong about the fiber content, and should I use the productlabel or should I use the data on cronometer? Because apparently, yellow splitpeas do have 30g of fiber per 100g dried, however, do you think the fiber was manufactured out of the product? Or did they simply make a mistake on the product label?

    I really want to know if it’s better to simply use all the data on cronometer, or the ones on the labels, for most foods.


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    Frank Alvarez

    You are thinking about this correctly. It could a number of things that are the cause for the error, or there is no error. The institutions that do food testing like the USDA, NCCDB, and ESHA are very reputable. We have a CRDB database as well that are public entries and we are actively working to clean up. As for the food companies and what the label states, well that is subject to errors as well.

    For any food you find in the database you can submit them to us by a feature we have created. Here is how that works: You can submit foods as you scan as well. If the food is not in the scan database, you can enter the label info and some pics of the label and we will verify that data and get it in that “CRDB” database for all to use.

    If you could submit that to us, with the error you believe to be true and supporting info to help us verify it and make changes, we would appreciate it.

    Best regards


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    I live in The Netherlands, and noticed that another brand also has 4.7 g of fibres. However, when I look at NEVO or, which have quite accurate databases, they also state that yellow splitpeas have 20-30 g of fibres.
    I couldn’t find the contact information for the brand to ask them if they made a mistake or use different methods to decrease the fibre content.

    I will look further and get back to you.

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