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    I buy biological chicken eggs from Germany.
    The nutrition data on the package:
    100g = 153 kcal, 11g fat (3,3g saturated), 0,6g carbs, 13g protein, 0,32g sodium.
    1 egg (60g) = 97 kcal 7g (2g saturated), 0,4g carbs, 8g protein, 0,19g sodium.

    0,60×153 kcal = 91.8g (so why does it say 1 egg of 60g is 97 kcal?

    Also I weighed each egg with shell separately, and each weighs approx. 58g.
    Without shell, they weigh approx 51g.

    Cronometer data for 1 raw egg:
    51g = 79 kcal
    60g = 93 kcal

    So basically, 1 egg does not have 60g of edible content. Yet there’s supposedly 97 kcal in 1 egg. And how come on the package, the relative kcal on the 100g data is lower than the 1 egg data?
    And to double the discrepancy, 60g on cronometer is lower than the supposed kcal of 1 egg according to the package, even though the edible content is 51g and therefore lower than 60g.

    So all in all:
    Edible content per egg on package =
    -78 kcal if u subtract from the 100g data
    -82.5 kcal if u subtract from the 1 egg data
    Or if you take 51g of the raw egg cronometer data = 79 kcal

    Should I just type in 51g in cronometer for a 79 kcal (seeing as calculating solely by the edible content, all data show 79 kcal per egg) or should I just blindly follow the package and assume the 97 kcal per egg?

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    Frank Alvarez

    It looks like the discrepancy between the nutrient values per 100 grams and a 60 gram egg is simply due to rounding on the part of the manufacturer when they created the nutrition label.

    As for the rest, we are assuming that when the nutrient values for the eggs were analyzed from the weight of the egg in the shell, but then analyzed the edible portion.

    We would recommend that if you measured the egg, you can enter the weighed portion and enter the value for “Egg, Raw” (Source: NCCDB) to get the most accurate nutrient information.

    Best regards


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      Thank you for the reply Frank.

      By weighed portion, do you mean simply to weigh the edible (without shell) content of the egg and then choose “Egg, Raw”?

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    Frank Alvarez

    Yes, and you are welcome!



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