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    My bag of erythritol shows 4 grams total carbs, but also 4 grams of erythritol. I have researched this and erythritol should not add to my daily carbs. When I add this into my diary, it does add it into my daily carbs. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

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    Frank Alvarez


    We are aware of that and have not created a feature to take that into account. You can edit the food and take the carbs out as you see fit to exclude those readings.

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    Karl Lambert

    Something I did to alleviate this issue in the interim, I edit a copy of the food item. I will remove the # of erythritol grams from the total carbs, and keep the number in Sugar Alcohols. Until they put the option in to calculate erythritol grams into net carbs, this is my work around.

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    We have added an option to control if net-carbs includes sugar alcohols or not. This is now available on the web version, under the macro settings.

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