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    I have just finished Fat for Fuel and am ready to start. I have been on GAPs Diet for 7 years. There are a number of foods recommended for the Keto Fat diet that are not allowed on GAPs because they are a starch that will cause GI distress. For example Flax seeds, chia seeds and chocolate. Many of these foods are used in Keto recipes. Does this mean that I will suddenly be able to eat these on this diet? (Always hopeful…lol) Has anyone adapted GAPs to Fat/Keto? Has this been discussed in the forum or have I missed an article on Mercola’s site? Does anyone else have any experience with this?

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    Frank Alvarez

    I know of nothing specific to your situation, but as a nutritionist you may find you are fine with some or all of those foods you have been off of. Many times cycling off foods and bringing them back slowly allows you to consume them. Good luck!

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