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    I configured my personal info and use Cronometer to record what I eat daily. What I want to know is do the percentages listed mean that this is where I am and what I have left to eat for my daily amount of each category (Fat, Protein, Carbs, etc.)?
    does it mean that the percentages listed are only a breakdown of the total amount of the total foods eaten during the day?

    Can I count on it to tell me that I need to eat more fat? I am concerned that I am not eating enough so are the percentages a guide to help me know to eat more/less of a category?
    Thanks for helping me to understand this.

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    Frank Alvarez

    Your macro bars are showing you what your percent consumed (logged) over your target goal you have defined (selected) in your dynamic macronutrient settings. Here is more on that in our manual:

    For example: Protein: 100g / 200g (50%)

    You have eaten (logged) 100g which is 50% of your total goal of 200g.

    Best regards


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