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    i had to sign up. when i graduated college in 1983, i could run 6 miles, had a 33 inch waist, lean mean fighting machine. i am an accountant, so i work long hours, eat meals at odd times of the day or night, so much so that this career should be in OSHA’s sights. i gain about 3 pounds per year, now in any one year, no big, but over 30 years, and i am 80 pounds more now than i was then. my numbers are actually good – my doctor says i have a blood panel of adonis but i just don’t look like adonis. i am 57 years old and i need to get back to good health before something bad hits. biggest weakness – eating dinner after 10:00pm. i need something quick so too often its pasta a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. i know – carbs before i go to bed, am i suicidal?! my athletic goal is to get on the floor for some box lacrosse that i cannot play now. what i also suffer from is a life long insomnia. i get about on a good night, 3 hours of sleep. is there a tool that calculates metabolism while you are asleep? thanks and good luck to all.

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    Frank Alvarez


    To measure you metabolism while you are sleeping I am not sure how you would measure that besides with basic formulas to guesstimate that.

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