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    Since the update to the interface, is it possible to restore the target bar?

    I was glad to find the option to show the full macronutrient breakdown, but noticed that unfortunately the target bar was no longer present.
    I personally found it much more intuitive compared to the new “highlight circle”, as you could easily compare the progress of calories vs progress of nutrition.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry at the moment, this is not an option.

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    Ok, some questions then.
    Are there any plans to ever make it available again, say as an extra checkbox under the cogwheel-options?
    Would it be possible to supply me with a js that restores this function?


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    Zarnaik, I don’t think we’ll be changing it any time soon.

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    I find the calorie breakdown circle (blue, green,red) to be not as easy for me to use as just having the percent numbers on a bar. OR can you have the numbers just show in the circle, without me having to move my mouse cursor over the circle to see them?
    I transfer my information daily to a spreadsheet, and having to go back and forth is a waste of time.

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    Frank Alvarez


    Thanks for the feedback and we will have a new export for data real soon. The other request we will put on our features list.

    Thanks again,


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    OK, this is ridiculous. I still haven’t had breakfast, I so far had warm water with apple cider vinegar, then a big cup of green tea with shredded raw ginger, a tsp of turmeric with black pepper, a tsp of cinnamon, 2 tsp of raw cocoa, and a tbsp of coconut oil, and a tbsp of honey, and I’m at 58% (!) of my net carb allowance for the day. This is totally unrealistic.

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