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    Since limiting sugar intake is so important, is there a way to track it in Chron o meter?

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    Frank Alvarez


    Yes you can see it under your carbs in the nutrient targets section. If you have Dr. Mercola’s version, he chose to not have it show up by default. But, you can turn it and anything else not on, from your profile page in the nutrient targets tabs. Check the “visible” box to make it show up on your diary page.

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    Is there a different version? How do I know what version of Cronometer I have? I would also like to make a suggestion that there be a space in the biomeasures to enter time when blood glucose readings are done. At this time I have to manually enter by a note underneath my reading. It would also be helpful for blood pressure readings as well to have this feature track effects such as how exercise affected readings, etc.

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