How to Make 2022 Your Year with Cronometer

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Just over 365 days ago you sprang out of bed on January 1st with so much enthusiasm! 

“2021 is going to be my year!”

You were going to take all the necessary steps to achieve the healthiest version of yourself; eating well, exercising regularly, sleeping the recommended hours – and obviously logging every little bite, nibble and sip that passed your lips into Cronometer.

But, despite our best hopes the pandemic continued.

The gyms closed again, quarantine made grocery shopping nearly impossible and it can be pretty hard to find the motivation to thrive when you’re basically just trying to survive. Rest assured that if your big dreams for 2021 fell apart you’re not alone.

This is why 2022 will be the year for real this time:

You're Ready for Anything

One of the biggest adjustments over the last two years was that so many ways we practice self-care were shut down. Thankfully many health and wellness businesses pivoted and offered their services online; trainers took to YouTube creating at home workouts and dieticians fired up zoom calls to help their clients.

With these changes the health industry now has such a robust online offering that no matter where you are or what happens in the coming year you’re able to achieve your goals. 

Your Head is in the Game

Have you ever felt like you setting goals more because you feel like you “should” instead of truly wanting to make the change?

“I should lose ten pounds.”
“I should go to the gym this week.”

Think about how often many of use the word should when it comes to self-care.

Now that we’ve had time to step back – many of us temporarily losing the ability to get fit in the ways we conventionally did and realizing how much they mattered to us – we can hit the reset button and feel more motivated than ever to truly succeed.

We Can Exhale our Collective Held Breath

Being quarantined, pushed out of our normal routines and isolated for such an extended period has helped a lot of us realize the importance of making healthy habits and we feel like 2022 is bringing more respect for health and more positivity about what the future can bring. 

You've Had the Time to Clearly Define Your Goals

Not only is your head in the game but you’ve had the time to think about your goals and how to achieve them:

  1. You’ve clearly identified the thing you’d like to change. This is your goal. You have chosen a path. Whether it is to lose 10 pounds, gain endurance and stamina, or smash your nutrient targets.

  2. You have an idea about potential obstacles that make it hard for you to make that change. These are the barriers. Maybe you’ll be faced with further lockdowns, or your favourite fresh food market is closed. The key is to figure out how to side-step those barriers. i.e. thinking about how to tackle them before they crop up so you are prepared when they pop up.


  3. You know that achieving a goal is not a linear path and you might deviate and that’s okay. The goal isn’t to hit your goal perfectly right away; making progress over time is. Accepting that we don’t hit our goals 100% of the time can allow us to get back on track.

Tackle 2022 with Cronometer Gold

Get Organized.

With Cronometer Gold you can organize Diary into groups like exercise, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks can give you valuable insight into your nutrition per meal.

For example, you’ll be able to see how many calories you consume, the macronutrients in each meal and a complete nutrition summary.

You can also customize the Summary Column of the Diary if you would like to focus on tracking a specific macro or micronutrient!

Measure your version of success with Custom Biometrics.

With Gold, you can use Custom Biometrics to track things like your menstrual cycle, body measurements, headaches, bowel movements – whatever is important to you!

Track Your Progress with Custom Charts and Nutrition Reports.

With Gold, you can track your progress since you created your account with Custom Charts and Nutrition Reports.

You’ll also have the ability to chart Custom Biometrics and nutrients to see how they correlate over time.

This will give you the valuable insight you need to see if you’re getting the results you want! 

Make 2022 your year with Cronometer Gold.

  • No Ads 
  • Diary Groups
  • Fasting Timer
  • Food Suggestions
  • More insights to your health with Custom Charts & Reports
  • Track anything with Custom Biometrics
  • … All premium features!

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