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Jawbone is here!

We’ve just launched support for Jawbone devices. If you own a Jawbone device you can now sync your Jawbone data to your Cron-O-Meter diary.

To sync, go to the ‘Profile’ tab and scroll to the bottom where there is a section for ‘Devices’:

Click the ‘Link Jawbone Account’ button to authorize cronometer.com to sync with your Jawbone data:

Click ‘Allow’ when prompted by Jawbone, and you will be taken back to your diary where your Jawbone data should start to magically import into your diary:

It’s that easy!

You can purchase compatible Jawbone products here:


Frank Alvarez :Frank Alvarez - Owner Frankly Nutritious. www.FranklyNutritious.com Frank turned his life around when he was racing as professional duathlete and adventure racer. He was "fit but not healthy", and pushed himself too far and became seriously ill. He found holistic nutrition and used it to turn his life around. You can can read his story at www.franklynutritious.com Frank graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Bacteriology. Shortly after his graduation he joined the Wisconsin Air National Guard (Air Force) where he flew KC 135s for 25 years. He has raced as a professional duathlete competing in five world championships. He is a Cory Holly Institute Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, a Colgan Power lifting coach, a CHEK Holistic Life Coach, and is enrolled in a Masters of Holistic Nutrition course, which will lead into a PhD program. His passion in health and wellness and his military career fostered his Wellness For Me integrative program that partners with the individual to design a path to their optimum health vision. As owner of Wellness For Me, LLC, Frank is proud to bring you the programs Frankly Nutritious and Frankly Fit. Hawthorn University- Master of Science and Holistic Nutrition- 85% completed. 128 Air Refueling Wing Resiliency Instructor Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor- Cory Holly Institute Cooper Clinic Fitness Specialist CHEK Holistic Life Coach Colgan Institute- Level 1 Power Lifting Certified Coach Level-1 US Track & Field Coach Category 4 US Triathlon Official USAF KC 135 Instructor Pilot - Retired www.FranklyNutritious.com FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/FranklyNutritious Twitter: https://twitter.com/franklynutrient

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  • Awesome feature, just subscribed to gold.

    What are you other jawbone users doing about the activity level estimate in chronometer? For now I set it to no activity, and the movement data coming from jawbone seems reasonable as the replacement.

    • Yes, if you’re wearing your jawbone all day, you should set our activity estimate to 0 and use the jawbone data.

      • Awesome, thanks.

        Great app by the way. The search and entry is super fast and convenient, which really reduces the effort to maintain a food log.

  • Will it be possible to sync more than just basic vitals?
    Jawbone UP has better library of foods (some of which are not identified on Cronometer).

    Alternatively will Cronometer expand food databases?
    Ideally to include more of the European foods!

    • At this time Fitbit data that can be imported is weight, body fat %, sleep, and activity only. We will put this request on our features list. The list gets prioritized and then a decision is made as to what we do.

      We do look at more databases, but it's not as simple as us wanting them and we can use them. They have service agreements etc.

      Thanks for your input, we do appreciate it.