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Je parle un peu français…

Today’s new version adds some preliminary support for languages. Don’t get too excited — it’s just a baby step in the direction of having full translations.

To kick things off, we’ve added food data from the Canadian Nutrient File (CNF).  This database contains roughly 5800 food items, although many are derived from the USDA dataset, slightly modified to reflect some Canadian differences. These items are provided with both English and French names.

We’ve expanded our database to handle foods having different names in different languages.  Now, by default searching for foods will search in all available languages (if you don’t want French items coming up in your results, just set the search filter to English only.

Brave French speaking users may also want to change their ‘preferred language’ under the Profile tab. This will show the names of foods, food categories, and other user interface elements in French when available. However, until a fuller translation is available, it may be strange to have so much French and English mixed together.

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  • Merci beaucoup !

    The only " problem " with cronometer is that it is all US centered . I have to customize my food database in order to match with the kind of foods we eat in France . It may be a little step forward but it's great you are working on this ..

  • Don't worry too much about localization... I have set up my own product database, and mix liberally data drawn from Italian nutrition fact labels and data drawn from US food db.

    Granted, it'd be great to allow non-US folks to mass upload their own food data (as a paying subscriber perk, for instance) but nevertheless it's an invaluable tool that helps me keeping my caloric intake in check (and daily intake table is great, thanks to Chrome's DOM explorer I copy it and paste right into my diet blog, http://unchiloallavolta.blogspot.com ) n

  • In addition to the databases of regional foods, there is also need for localization the software in multiple languages, to serve users who do not speak English.
    When the translation module is ready, I can help translate the software to Portuguese and assist in data entry of many Brazilian foods and recipes.

  • Yeah same thing here. Im in canada.. Quebec. So everyone and everything is french here.. I understand english pretty good and i can manage to be understood in english. So i can manage to find some of my food or similar food in the app / website even if mostly of the thing is in english, but... i agree with gary, a great step in the good direction! :) Cant wait for the bar code.That would be awesome if you guys ever want to do that (: