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Marking Days as Complete

You can now mark a day in your diary as ‘Completed’ when you’re confident the day has everything logged to it.

Once marked as complete, you can’t make any changes to the data (unless you mark is as ‘Incomplete’ again).

Our charts and nutrition reports now let you choose to plot or report just on ‘Complete’ days so you can filter out days where you may have only partially entered your details. This lets you get a more accurate view of your data by just looking at days that you have marked as valid.

If you’re a Gold subscriber, we’ll also show you which days in your calendar are marked completed and which days have data by coloring them differently.

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  • I agree with Alex. I don't care for the thought of an added step for days that aren't exceptions.
    It would be great to be able to mark days as "incomplete" and have the option to omit them from reports. As it is, I often won't log days that are incomplete just to avoid having them skew reports.

  • I like the added feature. I do realize that there are days that I go over the allotted calories for the weight loss I am trying to achieve, but cron-o-meter has been very helpful to me. I do believe some of the food items calories are not accurate, so I change them to whatever is on the product that I am eating. I do not like the kcal and prefer just regular calories. I do not understand the diagram and to me it is not useful..

  • Liz, Alex: it seems to me that what you're asking for is six of one and half a dozen of the other. Either way, you have a way to have a day "not count" for one reason or another. Marking days as (in)complete is useful for days when you don't have access to COM until some future date, or eat something that isn't in the database and have to come back later to create a custom food or cobble together a recipe to approximate it.

  • Excellent new feature! This would help me a lot because several times I've accidentally edited an old log not realising that I was looking at the wrong day. Now if only we could also have a one-off way to mark all old entries as complete. :)

    • No kidding! Without a way to batch edit old entries (marking them "complete") this feature is really only useful from today going forward. (At least for people who more-0ften-than-not log everything [ie, "complete" days.) It'd be MUCH easier to go back and find exceptions ("incomplete" or special days) - for me, that's mostly just holidays or travel days.

      Ah, well ... this feature doesn't represent a loss to me; I can still use Crono as I have. It's just not something I imagine I'll use.

  • All my diary entries vanished, I did not delete them. All I can see current day. Very upset. Thank you.

    • We haven't suffered any data losses -- are you sure you logged your items to the correct day in the calendar? You can use the calendar in the diary to view older days.

  • OK, so I've thought about giving this feature a try.
    I went back and marked days complete beginning Aug 1, 2015.

    Is there anyway to see on the calendar display which days are complete/incomplete? Some sort of hash mark, perhaps (or a different color for the day). This would be MUCH more useful than having to scroll through past days to find the completes/incompletes, because I can totally see myself forgetting to mark days (or trying to go back to pick up where I left off in marking days long gone by as complete).

  • Brilliant! I love this feature. What I used to do is go back and remove everything from incomplete days so that they were excluded from the summaries. I mean, sometimes I just get busy and don't track anything after lunchtime. Thanks for this.

  • they are not useless but what really is missing there is a lot more of foods/ingredients in their data bases imo.