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More small additions

In the past week, I’ve pushed out a few small additions along with several bug fixes.

  • When adding a serving, the default measure is now set to your most common selection, based on past usage
  • The foods page was redesigned along with the addition of  a listing of your custom foods & recipes.
  • The mini calorie bar on the diary sidebar now shows your remaining calories after subtracting calories burned in exercise.
  • The Nutrition Target Wizard now lets you set custom targets for calorie rations from protein, carbs, and fat.  You can enter custom values, or choose presets for popular diets (Low-Carb Ketogenic, Paleo Diet, Low-Fat-Raw-Vegan, The Zone):

  • The ‘Delete Data’ feature now properly nukes all of your custom foods and recipes as well as your diary entries.
  • Fixed several bugs with data importing from the standalone app

There are some big new things in the works, so stay tuned!

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  • 1) Is is possible to import recipes from other web sites on my desktop PC? or do we enter our recipes manually.

    This is a great program!!. Thx for creating it!

    2) I don't use Outlook; I use Yahoo e-mail. What is your e-mail address so as a new subscriber I can ask you a question via e-mail.

  • Hi there,
    I love your app (iPhone).
    But I could'nt find out how to edit or delete a custom food I created before.
    At least it would be good if one could overwrite the old nutritional information with the new by saving a food under the same name.
    Now I have older and newer versions of the same food and when entering the food I always have to check the nutritional data to see which is the right one.
    Could you implement a solution or is there one which i didn't find?
    Corinna from Germany

    • Corinna,

      You can't edit/delete foods from the app yet, but you can log into your account on our web version and edit or delete it under the 'Foods' tab.

  • Is there a version of Chronometer that includes foods sourced in the United Kingdom?

    • Lloyd,

      Currently there is not. It is on our list to look at. We are continually monitor that list and implementing what we can. We are a small company and only can do so much, but your requests are being heard.

      Best Regards,


  • I am trying to enter custom foods (bagged salads) and I can not enter the calories anyplace at all....how do I do this in the custom foods.