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Net carbs and total carbs are an option now.

On the diary page below where you put your foods eaten for the day, you will find the calorie summary box. By clicking on the gear icon on the top right of the box, you will get an expanded version of the calorie summary section. At the bottom right you will see the dynamic macronutrient targets area depicted below.

At the very bottom of this section, you will see the option to select ‘Total Carbs” or “Net Carbs”.  This selection will be the carbohydrate percentage format that is depicted on the blue carbohydrate macronutrient bar.


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      • I would like a high fibre diet which 'total carbs' would track. I must increase my muscle and by extension bone strength.

        Why should we track the net vs. total carbs?

        • Brooke,

          It depends on how you want to look at things. If you are wanting to see the fiber in your carb total then total carbs would be it. It seems like that is what you want. Neither is wrong, just different ways to look at the numbers.

  • Hi there

    I think it would be a good feature to have the total fiber per food separated into soluble and insoluble. The total fiber can be misleading as we can draw calories from soluble fiber. The REAL calculation of NET Carbs should be discounting TOTAL Carbs MINUS Total Insoluble Fiber.


    • The contribution of soluble fiber is already built into the total Calories in the USDA and NCCM databases (and thus into most foods in COM), via the use of Atwater specific factors: http://www.fao.org/docrep/006/y5022e/y5022e04.htm

      These are imperfect, but amongst the best solutions that science has come up with for this problem. "Net carbs" is a crude and misleading concept and redundant to these much more empirical, food-specific approaches.

    • Richard,

      Thanks for the feedback. The problem always comes in with that actually being reported in the databases we purchase. We will look at refining that for sure though.

      Thanks again,


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    • Christopher

      Few points:

      We do not track sugar alcohols as they are not generally available from our nutrition data sources. For that reason we can't really track them in the programming because the data is not available to us. Putting a note in the diary may be the best way track it.

      There also is no consensus on weather or not net carbs should include sugar alcohols or not -- it’s a bit of a holy war in nutrition science and people are in different camps. Some organizations like Atkins deduct them, while many others do not. We go with the latter.

      Best regards


      • Found your site through Dr Mercola and is the first site to explain net carbs total carbs, fiber totallyalso to give help on absolutely all aspects of this. Their are so many people wanting healthy bodies and life styles Bless you and all that you do it is appreciated