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New Calories Display

We’ve just made some fairly substantial changes to our web version’s nutritional summary display area.

We found a lot of users were getting confused and frustrated with how we presented calorie targets and weight loss goals. Part of how we did this has to do with the history of cronometer. It was originally developed as a tool  specifically for people practicing the ‘CRON‘ diet (Caloric Restriction with Optimal Nutrition).  But as our site has grown, we have a much more diverse user base now with different needs and goals.

We’ve designed a new Calories Summary section to help show all of your calories consumed and burned, and see at a glance if you have a calorie surplus or a calorie deficit. Our goal with this new design is to clearly show users all their energy details in one easy to understand info-graphic.

On the top left we have a bar showing your calories consumed. It grows from the left to the right. And on the bottom right another bar grows in the other direction, showing calories burned. If more calories have been burned than consumed, you can see The calorie deficit on the top bar. If you’ve consumed more than you’ve burned, similar surplus will be visible on the bottom bar.

The calories consumed bar shows the contributions from each macronutrient type (protein, fat, carbs, and alcohol). You can tap or mouse over each segment for more details.  The calories burned bar shows calories burned by being alive (BMR), calories burned from general light activity through your day, and any calories you’ve burned from exercises.

Note, you can click the gear button in the upper right of this panel to see detailed help and settings:

You can configure the general activity calories here, as well as show or hide a weight goal which will tell you how much more you can eat or need to burn to stay on your goal.

We’ve also added a new section to the nutrient targets display showing configurable highlights. You can choose which targets you want highlighted here by clicking the gear button in the upper-right of the panel. You can also choose to hide them and show the old-style bars and macro-pie chart from these settings.

We’re very excited about these new displays — we hope it you like them as much as we do. And if you spot any bugs or have any constructive feedback for us, we’re always listening. Come talk to us in our public chatbox.

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  • With regard to the Net Calories measurement, I'm a bit confused about which Calorie Deficit to pay attention to to meet my weight loss goal (-1lb/week). For me, I require a 499 kcal/day deficit to lose 1 lb/week. BUT, the Net calorie deficit that shows up in my Calories Summary bar (-723) differs fro the grey print that chose to display about weight targets, which says "For your weight goal you can eat 263 more calories today".

    Which of those should I be following? Doing the math, it seems like the Net is the one I should be paying attention to? Thanks! I think the new changes look great and are helpful! This tool is invaluable - so glad to have found it and grateful for the brains behind it.

    • The bar is showing your total deficit (-723). If your goal needs a deficit of -499, then I'd expect it to say you need to eat 224 more calories (Did it really say 263? I can't explain that...). Your weight goal makes you target a deficit or surplus, and so the text below the bars should be telling you how to adjust to hit that goal.

      • I am also seeing a discrepancy that shows up in the goal calories that has me confused. The energy bar shows a total calories consumed vs total energy for the day. For example, right now (early morning with only a banana entered) it shows "Energy: 105 kcal / 1669 kcal (6%)." When I've entered exercise, it then shows a net calorie intake. So if I eat 1669 kcal net I have previously assumed that I would then be on target to reach my goal.

        But the new added text says "For your weight goal you can eat 1239 more calories today." Clearly 105 plus 1239 do not equal 1669. Why the discrepancy? Calories burned shows 2342. The goal is 2 pounds a week. It would appear that the 1669 number is in error. That is the number that has been there and did not change with the latest update.

  • EXCELLENT updates and improvements! I LOVE now being able to highlight over each summary nutrient and see which foods contributed to it! I'm going to share this site with everyone I know.

  • My BMR is listed as 1683 in my profile. On my diary page, the "consumed" calories are 476.3. My "burned" calories are 2020. I have not enetered any excercise or activity for today. Diary says I can consume 545 more calories today. This doesn't make any sense to me at all...?

  • I forgot to mention that the deficit of calories says 1543, which is basically accurate if burned number is correct...but I don't see how it can be.

  • What is the alcohol and ash under General on my Nutrient Targets. Where do they come from ... Also, where does one calculate for Sugar Alcohols when setting up a new food?

    • Alcohol is... alcohol amount in the food. So if you log a beer or wine, you'd see the alcohol content there.

      Ash is what ever's left in the food after removing the water and macronutrients.

      Sorry, we don't handle sugar alcohols

  • Dear Admin,

    Please Add some Indian or Asian food also in food diary, bcz i am always disappointed when search food.


  • This isn't exactly what you want, but you can enter lots of foods and recipes and save them. It seems a bit of a pain to start out, but you'll be surprised how often we eat the same foods over and over. so it gets easy pretty quickly.

    I enter most of mine as "1 serving = 1 gram," so that when I eat, I can weight 223g of a food and enter it as 223 servings. It looks a little odd, but the numbers are perfect.

  • Hey, I ate 140g protein, 515g carbs and 96fat. It came out to be 3321 calories but in total it is 3483 calories. Why isn't it measuring it correctly?

    • Leon

      If you’re multiplying total carbs by 4, it will be way off because of the fibre content of the carbs. Even with that into account, using the 4/4/9 protein/carb/fat estimate is a very crude estimation technique — the actual values vary significantly depending on the exact forms of carbs, proteins, and fat in the food. We use more accurate values for estimating calories from the macros, when the data is provided from the underlying nutrition database.

      Best regards


  • The BMR only changes if I manually change my weight in the profile. It would be great if it changes automatically when the weight changes based on the last value collected by with the integrated scale device (in my case a Whiting's wifi scale).

    • Renato

      Your purple BMR bar should be change when you enter a new weight. Mouse over it before and after to see if you get a change. You an put a big change in to test it and then delete it.

      Best regards