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Nutrition Scores - Newest Gold Feature

We are so excited to unveil our latest Gold Subscription feature — Nutrition Scores!  That’s right, we’re giving you even more data to nerd out on so you can truly become the healthiest version of yourself!

Have you ever wondered how essential nutrients keep you healthy? We want to bring you more digestible nutrition information using Nutrition Scores. 

Nutrients aren’t eaten in isolation but as part of the foods that make up your diet. Studies using single nutrients to improve health have generally yielded mixed results. A better approach is to look at nutrient profiles; each Nutrition Score is made up of a group of nutrients that work together to contribute to your health. This gives you the bigger picture view of how your diet is meeting your nutrition goals, while you can still get into the details for each micronutrient target in your Nutrient Targets Summary

We’ve added a new section with up to eight scores that can help you make sense of your nutrition by scoring broad functional or logical categories 

Nutrition Scores are calculated from how much of each nutrient target and nutrient ratio in the category you have achieved, based on the data available in the foods you have logged to your diary. Reaching your Daily Target for a nutrient maximizes your Nutrition Score, while exceeding your Maximum Target will reduce your score in that category.

Keep in mind, the Dietary Reference Intakes apply to the healthy general population and are not meant to apply to those who are deficient or in conditions that may cause an increased requirement. If you have customized your nutrient targets to meet your needs, your Nutrition Scores will be calculated from the targets you have chosen. 

Learn About Each Nutrition Score

Immune Support

These vitamins and minerals are needed to protect your body from infections caused
by bacteria and viruses and balance your body’s inflammation.


Antioxidants combat free radicals produced through normal cell metabolism, and
environmental causes such as exposure to pollution, smoke and radiation. If left
unchecked, they can cause damage to your tissues and increase the risk of developing
chronic disease, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Metabolism Support

This group of nutrients helps you get fuel from the foods you eat by supporting
enzymes that break down macronutrients. Metabolism also includes converting food
into the building blocks needed to grow and maintain tissues in your body.

Bone Health

Nutrients in this category support the growth and strength of your skeleton which
protects your internal organs and allows movement by providing attachment points
for your muscles.

Oral Health

These nutrients contribute to the health of your teeth and gums.


These minerals transmit nerve signals in your body, through a form of electro-
chemical energy. Electrolytes control the movement of fluid in your body and help
move nutrients into cells and waste out. Fluid balance is also responsible for blood

Blood Health

Blood provides a vehicle to transport nutrients, wastes, hormones, water around
your body. The nutrients in this group are involved in creating blood cells, including
red blood cells that deliver oxygen to your tissues and they are needed to form blood
clots when there is an injury to stop blood loss.

Do you want even more information?

We got it!

Click here to dive even deeper into Nutrition Scores and learn how they can help you!

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