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New Food & Recipe Editor

We’ve just released a new food & recipe editor. This version should be simpler to use than before.  Instead of a pop-up dialog, the food details are displayed inline on the foods tab and can be edited in place.

We’ve also changed some of the nutrient categorizations around to be more logical. Carbohydrates has it’s own category. Total Protein has moved in with the Amino Acids into a renamed Protein category. Total Fat has moved into the Lipids category.  This should make it easier to find these nutrients, especially when entering in nutrition label details.

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  • Love all the changes you are implementing - this app just gets better and better! I am not seeing a title field on the new Create New Food / Create New Recipe Form. Tried Firefox and IE. It's probably my lack of coffee. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    • The title is the big editable text box right above the category chooser. It would typically say 'New Food' or 'New Recipe' for a freshly created food.

  • The new editor looks great! However...

    Consider the workflow. What do users do to add new foods? If they're like me, 9 times out of 10, they copy the nutrient information from the package. I'd like an input panel that mimicked the standard label as closely as possible. Then, instead of bopping around from section to section, I could just transcribe the label.

    I understand that this would present some user-interface difficulties. You'd have to edit the detailed information (that doesn't appear on the label) in a different place. But how often do we users actually do that? Consistency and logical organization are important. But more important is what users actually want to do.

  • Hello. I just bumped onto you site and it's awesome!
    I'd like to ask you something about recipes. I am from Greece, and many foods that we eat here, are cooked in very different manner than in the US for example. What I haven't understood is this: Lets say I want to create a new recipe for lentils soup. Do I have to take into account the amount of water too? If yes, then I should add the amount of water before boiling them, or after? Thanks in advance.

  • Loving your site and app so far! i know there are apps out there that will scan a recipe and import the quantities, units of measure, and ingredients... Any chance something like that is in the offing? I make most of our family's foods from scratch, but I always give up on these apps because entering recipes is tedious! I would even be happy with a copy and paste for the ingredient section for bulk input and have the food list help verify the foods. any chance?

      • I'm currently looking into different apps/services to track my nutrition, and Cronometer seems to be the best. As Anita, and I assume many others, I'm reluctant to inputting single ingredients for a recipe. Parsing a website or better copy-paste text with the ingredients and measurements would be such a relief -- and should be technically relatively simple to implement. As Anita suggests, it would probably be best to import the text and then have Cronometer display what it parsed, so that the user can correct possible errors.

        Is something like this in the works? That would make it much more likely that I would use the app consistently...

        I didn't understand the other post about the JSON import? Can one do that? Is that documented somewhere?