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New gold features: printable full reports & oracle updates

We’ve just rolled out some updates for our gold subscribers!

A new ‘Full Report’ section under the Trends tab lets you customize detailed reports for printing that can include your nutrition summary, charts, and diary information. This is a great feature if you need to take a summary of your data to your doctor or dietician.

We’ve also improved the nutrient oracle feature. You can now multi-select any group of food categories instead of just one at a time, and in addition we’ve greatly improved the speed of the queries.

As always, please email our support team with any questions, bug reports, and feedback.


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  • Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your reply. The problem is, certain packaged foods categorized under topics such as "legumes" or "cereals" also contain meat. So even if I deselect all meat categories, foods such as baked beans with pork, for example, still show up in the results. That's why there needs to be a dedicated vegetarian/vegan search, or some way to exclude certain types of food. An exclusion method would also be really helpful for people trying to avoid things like processed sugar, etc.

  • Chronometer has been a life saver. Since I started using it to help me gauge what I eat I've felt so much better and received excellent blood test results from my doctor.

    I also like the feature that tracks exercise and activity from Fitbit. I use Chronometer calorie Calcs for Quick calc in fitbit...The you for this awesome tool.

  • Love the program! Upgraded to gold a few days ago. It has made it (almost) easy to work towards my healthy weight. Since reducing my carbohydrate intake and increasing lipids, I have reduced my weight by about 15 lbs in a few months. Now for the next 25 lbs. This program (and I have used a few) is by far the best, although I have to add custom foods for my Canadian diet, which is not a big deal. Kudos on a great piece of software and on the improvements recently made.

    • Thanks Bob and glad it is a useful tool in your health goals!

      Best of luck on the next 25#.



    • Leslie,

      No unfortunately, we will add that to our features request list.

      Thanks for the feedback,


  • Sorry this is unrelated to this post but I have some questions about Chronometer and I can't figure out how else to ask them.

    1. When we add a food, how do we add the nutritional values? I'd like to be able to add the specific brands of products I use and fill in the nutritional info on the label so that I know my data is accurate. But I can't see how to do this.

    2. Why are your nutritional values so off, and can we edit them? ie: a cup of frozen raspberries does not have 130 calories. More like 80.

    3. How do we adjust our basal metabolic rate? My Chronometer keeps telling me I'm overeating by 500 calories a day, but I'm not. That's what I NEED to not lose any more weight. If we've worked out what our actual metabolic rate is, how do we fix it in the diary?


    • H,

      1. When you have selected to add a food on the foods page, you can put any value in the "amount" column. Click next to any unit with a dash in it, and it will become editable. Then save it.

      2. We don't test foods or create databases, we purchase most of them from institutions like the USDA, and the University of Minnesota etc. We are under licensing agreements with most as well and can't alter a food, but we can inform them if something is wrong. Now, what is wrong? That is a tough one. Testing is not standard by any means. I don't disagree with you on the raspberries and that is why we have an edit feature so you can create a version you believe in.

      3. Basal metabolic rate can be put in manually on the profile page. Check the "use custom BMR" and the box above with the BMR in it will become editable.



  • How can I print out a recipe that I have entered so that I can use a paper copy when in the kitchen doing the cooking?

    • Karen

      Add the directions to the notes section. When you want to print it, select it on the foods page, and in the settings (gear Icon) you can view to print, then print it.

      Best regards,


  • Hi there, I'm a new Gold subscriber (thanks to Frank's great help with my questions, I am using Cronometer much more effectively and wanted to go the extra step).

    I have a question about the balance "meters" at the bottom of the Gold version main page. I noticed that potassium/sodium is heavily on the potassium side but it looks like any sodium I'm getting isn't showing up on the meter, or on the nutrient listings. I actually inputted some salt on my diary of foods to try to get sodium to show up, but the diary doesn't seem to be registering sodium at all. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way to fix this? Also, since the potassium/sodium ratio should be something like 2:1, what should the balance meter be showing if I'm balancing correctly?

    • This confuses a lot of people, but since it's expressing a _ratio_ of potassium : sodium if the meter is on the potassium side that means the sodium is far outweighing the potassium. Adding sodium will move the needle left, and adding potassium will move the needle right.

  • Hi admin

    I input my weight loss today and it's not being updated on the diary page as of yet. Just wondering why.

    Fantastic website and app btw, I couldn't quite believe it when I found it :)

    • Amanda

      Where did you update it? As an entry on the diary page or on the profile page? The first weight logged in the diary for a day will be what is used for calculations and charting. And you don't ever need to change it on the profile page because then the above will not be seen by you. If this doesn't help send this to support@cronometer.com and we can look specifically at what you are concerned with.

      Best regards,


  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I updated it on the profile page. It didn't occur to me to update it on the diary page but I see why now. I'll go ahead and do that :)

  • I am a vegetarian and have been using Cronometer now for eight months. It has made a dramatic change for the better in my life. Living in the US, I have always struggled with our large "standard" portion sizes that make it hard to eat out without overeating or wasting food. Now, I eat a large variety of fresh foods, nuts, and seeds at home, am happy to see them adding up each day to an excellent nutrient balance. If I eat out, I can estimate how much of a heaping plate I should eat and then carry reusable food containers with me so I can take home half of the food and enjoy it the next day. (Knowing how much I really need saves a lot of time, money, and pounds!) I have also learned that the healthiest foods for me tend to be fresh vegan foods across the spectrum of fruits, veggies, beans, seeds, nuts, and whole grains, which makes for a very varied diet that provides virtually all of my nutritional needs (I supplement with calcium). My energy level and overall health have improved dramatically. The ability to track every aspect of my diet has made me a much savvier consumer and cook. At the gentle level of losing half a pound a week, I have painlessly lost 15 pounds simply by eating consciously from day to day. I've reached the stage where I need to maintain my diet at my ideal weight rather than continue to lose, which is a major milestone and takes a little getting used to! Needless to say I am a Cronometer Gold fan and have recommended you to all my friends who are strugging with weird fad diets.