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New look to the website

We’re pleased to unveil a new look to our website today! We’ve updated the styling of the site to be more modern — and the cleaner look should help make heavy volume of data we present more readable.

We’ve not made any major changes to the functionality or mechanics of the site, it’s purely presentation changes, as well as many changes ‘under-the-hood’ that will make the site load faster and will make it easier to add new features down the road.

We hope you like the changes as much as we do!

NOTE 1: Some folks are reporting problems loading the page. This appears to be a (mysterious) browser cache issue, and reloading the page a few times solves the problem for most people, and clearing your web browser cache and reloading should solve it for everyone.

NOTE 2:We also forgot to mention last month, we updated the USDA database to use the latest sr27 release.

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  • The website shows me only a blank page...at the top is an orange band that says Cronometer. At the bottom is the same thing but where you can got to the blog, forums help etc. I just paid for a year for this and now I loose everything. What's going on?

    • Barbara,
      Please try reloading the page -- it just needs to be refreshed. If that does not work please contact our support.