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The Nutrient Oracle: Food Suggestions

We’ve just rolled out an exciting new feature for our Gold subscribers that extends the Nutrient Oracle to be able to suggest foods to eat.

Now, when you’ve logged your breakfast and lunch, and you’re scratching your head about what to make for dinner, you can ask the Oracle and get some ideas that will help you complete out your day.

Our new recommendation engine will scour our database for the foods that will best match your remaining nutrient targets for the day. It will suggest the foods that help complete your unfulfilled targets, while also attempting to match your macro-nutrient goals, and not go over any limits.

We’ve also added several options to help filter results for Vegetarian, Vegan only foods, and a way to filter out seafood, dairy, or nuts.  In addition to these filters, you can also ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ suggestions to help it rank foods higher or lower in the future. So if you see a suggestion that makes your stomach churn, you can click the thumbs-down and give it a ‘yuck!’.

The suggestions can be accessed from the Nutrient Targets section of the Diary, just above the hi lighted nutrients section. Click the ‘Suggest Foods’ button there to bring up the top five best scoring foods.

We are launching this on the web version only to begin with while we collect feedback and it will be rolled out in future mobile app updates within the next few weeks. Have a play with it and let us know what you think!

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  • Very interesting tool. It convinced me to try the gold subscription for a month, as I'm using Cronometer to avoid deficiencies.

    Right now I'm getting a lot of impractical suggestions (eat oil?), as I won't be cooking anymore today and can't just magically make mushrooms appear at my desk. But I can click away what I can't use, so that's ok.

    I imagine I'll be using this mostly for meal planning. If only I had this when I was making my lunch. I could have simply added some oil or mushrooms to my stirfry :)

    • It would be nice if we could click through to a more detailed nutrient breakdown for the suggestions, so I can see the whole picture before adding it to my menu.

  • Thank you! This feature was the only thing I missed when transitioning from DietPower. I have to say though, it's funny seeing it recommend my homemade tuna salad recipe for breakfast!

  • Love Love LOVE the new feature. Learned about Yerba Mate Tea from it. A low calorie way to get enough vitamin e. Thank you for continuing to improve cronometer.

  • I paid for the Gold programme primarily for the Oracle but have found it to be rather useless. You get suggestions for all the nutrients you are missing which makes the suggestions rather pointless. What would be useful is the capacity to search for one missing nutrient, such as Vit e which is harder to get than some of the other ones. also, scrolling down one by one is time consuming, would rather see the list of what is recommended.
    I do love the programme though. It has shown me holes in my nutrients which I didn't know I needed. and love the Ketogenic aspect of it.

    • Mary - you CAN search by specific nutrients. It's my main use for the oracle. Under the "categories" section there is a "nutrients" drop down menu; if you click that, you can pick whatever nutrient you want!

    • The Oracle Search feature on the Trends tab lets you search specific nutrients just like you want. It is different than the food suggestions which suggest foods based on your complete target needs.

  • You might consider adding in a filter like "Prone to Kidney Stones" to weed out foods that cause kidney stones 11% of the US population will get a kidney stone in life time. Same for other diseases like gout (stay away from foods containing high amount of oxalates ie. spinach)

  • I'm really tempted to use this feature. (Been using Cronometer for almost 3 weeks now). I'm not sure about my income atm going forward so I'm wondering if I upgraded to Gold and then didn't resubscribe one month, can I still continue using the free version and does it save all your previous data?

    • Yes, you can always cancel your subscription and go back to the free version. All your data will stay intact.

  • I’d love to see the same feature for the weekly average, because that reflects your nutrient needs better.

  • Hi , I started with the free version on my iPhone and want to upgrade to Gold. What is the best way to do this while keeping my previous data? If I start new from my computer, it recognizes my previous e-mail entry and doesn’t let me continue.