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Recent changes to the Calories Summary & Nutrition Targets

About a month ago we released our new Calories Summary widget and we got lots of feedback, both positive and negative. We’re making a few small changes today that incorporate some of that feedback, as well as fix a few minor bugs.

We’ve moved the full macronutrient breakdown into the Calories Summary, instead of having it as part of the Nutrient Target Section. We feel this is a more logical place for it to live, and clearly separates nutritional targets from calorie and macro targets. You can now choose to show/hide the calories breakdown, macro tracker, and weight goal, or show all three like in this screenshot:

We’ve also moved the settings for your preferred macro nutrient ratio into the settings panel for the Calories Summary.

We’ve added a third color to the nutrient targets. Bars are amber when you have less than your minimum, red when you are over your maximum, and green when you are in between.

For gold users, we’ve updated the visual design for the nutrient balance section.

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  • I've been loving all the changes you've been making recently, however I'm sad to see that the graph on the left is now a bar chart. This graph was such an important part of your website for me, as I enjoyed seeing a clear, visual representation of what I'd been consuming and the exercise I'd been doing. Now I find it very unclear and confusing. :( xx

    • I'm struggling with all the changes. The program was quite user friendly it didn't take days to figure out because everything was right in front of you. The graph is the least of the issues none the less it is very useful and you can see it at a glance how you are progressing. Now you have to waist a lot of time hunting here and there. It took me almost a week to figure the thing out. I used and recommended this program to a lot of people because of its simplicity. it was very intuitive it is no longer intuitive.

  • Just wanted to say that as one of those that hasn't upgraded this is a really great free resource, so 'Thank You'. x

  • I would LOVE to be able to see the grams of macros - not the % - as we had it in the past. Can we have a choice please? I have tried to use the default settings, but as I understand it, it still shows %, not grams.
    TX for a wonderful free resource!

    • Ana, I don't understand -- you can have all the same displays as before, if you play with the settings in the calories summary.

      • Aaron: I assume she's referring to the fact that the "Calorie breakdown" pie chart is all in percentages (and, sorry to complain, but still to finicky to get the little popups to appear and remain stable), and the horizontal bar macronutrient display gives percentage and absolute Calories; neither gives grams, which I'd prefer over (or in addition to) macronutrient Calories. I've looked for a way to reset this: if there's a way to set it to display this (and you may be indicating that), please inform!

        • Michael, unless this is a case of "I see gold and white, and you see black and blue", when I look at the macro bars to the left of the macro pie chart, I see plenty of grams:

  • Previously, clicking anywhere off the list of foods in diary would disengage from a selection. Now, in order to disengage, one must scroll all the way up to the grey heading bar and click there. I frequently have a rather long list of foods (ingredients), and like to look at what each adds to the days total in micronutrients, then at the overall totals, meaning having to go up and down, up and down, up and down. Tedious and rather frustrating. Can we get back the ability to disengage from any selection by clicking elsewhere in the window?

  • This is in continuation of my previous submission...just realized that adding my consumed calories and the remaining give s me a total of 1021, but my profile page shows a minimum target of 1683 calories... None of these things seem to add up or make sense to me.

    • The breakdown of calories shown in the calories summary is not related to your personal daily target for calories which you can set and track like any other nutrient.

      You should be able to see everything on the calories summary to see what each segment in the bar contributes to the total burned and total consumed. Your burned amount would be the sum of your BMR (purple segment), general baseline activity (blue segment) and any logged exercises (orange segment).

      And if you have a weight loss goal it will offset this by the deficit you require for that goal. Have a read through the documentation in the settings again -- hopefully it will help you make more sense of things.

  • The changes are great. As someone who follows a low carb/keto diet, I'm still looking for an option that allows me to set 'net' carb ratios vs 'total carb' and to see net carbs reflected in my consumption graphics rather than total carbs.. Any idea if that is on the horizon? Thanks for a great tool!

  • I read that you guys added 35k new american recipes, that's great. I'm assuming then that most cronometer users are american. I'm curious there were plans in the future to add more international foods like fleischpflanzerl or tang yuan, it's hard to add the foods yourself when you don't know the micro-nutrient breakdown of them. thanks.

  • Generally 2000 calories for an actvie individual, 1200-1500 for an inactvie individual. Depending on the lifestyle, there is a range of dieting and fitness tips. 6 meals a day big breakfast, small healthy snack, small lunch, small snack, small snack, proportioned dinner. Eat dinner around 5 or 6 followed by the shower, then a light exercise, then bed. I could go on and on.