Recipe Round Up: Valentine’s Day Edition

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No matter what kind of diet you follow we support you! That’s why we hunted the internet for some of the best recipes from a few of the most popular diets/lifestyles. Read on for all the Instagram inspo you need to get cookin’… then log it into Cronometer. Right?


Mmmmm if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day but also need to satisfy your macros (and those carbs) then turn to this deliciously decadent treat. Low carb. High deliciousness.


Breakfast in bed this Valentine’s Day? Yes, please! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to these cute and delicious heart shaped pancakes. Waking up never tasted so good!


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert… even appetizers! We struck gold when we stumbled upon this post! 30 Vegan Recipes for Valentine’s Day means you can spread the love from the kitchen the whole day!




We got pretty excited about the whole breakfast-in-bed concept earlier… which is why heart shaped pancakes are making a reappearance for our Gluten-Free friends. Check out these Chocolate & Banana Pancakes.

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