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Report issues with foods

With millions of food products on the global market, keeping our database complete and correct is a big job. We’re working on some major projects to improve our curation abilities, and today we’ve rolled out the first of these improvements. We’re making it easier to report issues with our foods so that our curation staff can review and amend any errors and omissions.

On the web version, if you open a public food in the food editor (on the Foods tab) you can select ‘Report Issue…’ from the food editor action menu:

This will bring up a dialog where you can explain the issue and attache photographs of the label as evidence for our curation team to review.

This new feature, along with some great back-end tools to streamline curation tasks, are part of our long term solution to keeping on top of the ever-changing food product landscape.

We’ll be rolling out this feature to our mobile apps in the near future as well.

With the help of our community, we intend to build and maintain the best and most accurate food and nutrition database on the market!

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  • Hi,
    I just added a food to the database, and forgot to add in the calories/energy. I don't see anywhere where I can edit or fix it.
    I added in Trader Joe's Lactose Free Coffee Creamer (Hazelnut)
    The energy should be 30, not 0
    Can you please help me fix this? Thanks.

    • Mary

      You can edit a food or recipe on the foods page. Select the food and click the "energy" box. It will become editable, then go to the top and save it.

      Best regards


  • Perfect. And thanks for offering a dual energy input (kj/kcal). Just how I expected it should work. Probably need to implement the kj in the daily summaries too, but that's just a nice-to-have.

  • I've noticed that the NCCDB frosted and glazed items appear to be fixed. This is great, but I'm curious what the fix was. From my brief discussions with their staff they hinted that the frosting / glazing was accounted for separately, so was it an issue of importing the wrong field for calories, or not aggregating several fields? Anyway, thanks for fixing it!

  • If you create a new food and it's a beverage, I think having the servings in ml should be an option rather than grams because the nutrional information on the back is referring to ml

  • Wild Planet, Wild Sardines In Extra Virgin Olive Oil doesn't have any Omega-3 associated with it. I ate some today and was surprised to see my O-3 level unchanged. I looked into it and the nutrition has nothing for Omega-3.

    The same goes for Wild Planet, Wild Sardines In Water. I was unable to edit either one, but then again I'm not sure what the value is.

  • Has the Export Button on bottom of Foods tab been eliminated?
    If so, why.
    How does one get that feature active?

  • I have a serious question. The good doctor preaches to avoid packaged foods. The website is full of packaged foods. Is it to show us how bad they are? I had a lunch of chicken broccoli at a Chinese restaurant and there was no way to calculate this. Every entry was a packaged food from a big box company.

    • You should be able to search for common ingredients (chicken, broccoli, oil) to enter in what you ate and get the full nutrition profile. It's difficult to get accurate values if you eat at restaurants as you can't easily know/measure everything in the dish.