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Retiring unused Foods & Recipes

If you’re like me, you have a lot of older custom foods and recipes you no longer use. We’ve added an item to the food editor’s menu to ‘Retire’ a custom food. Instead of entirely deleting the food (and all the associated servings that used it), a retired food is not deleted from the system, but will no longer appear in your food lists and searches.

Your historical data using the retired food or recipe will remain unaffected.

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  • Nice feature to clean up a long list of old recipes in the searches!
    But on the other hand: is there a possibility to get retired recipes back in case one wishes to?
    Still available for viewing but not searchable?
    Some kind of "old recipe cookbook". :-)

    • We don’t currently have a way in the interface to un-retire a food, so you’d need to make a new one.

      • IF you can find the recipe or food in your diary entries, you can get it back by right-clicking it and selecting "view/edit" and then "edit a copy" from the gear drop-down on the recipe / food item.