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Hi Everyone!

We are happy to announce our newest feature for our gold subscribers: Timestamps! You can now set the time for any piece of data you log on Cronometer, including foods, exercise and biometrics. Cronometer will automatically set the time on an item to the time as you are logging it, but you can edit it in line to organize your diary according to when you ate lunch, went for a run or checked your blood sugar throughout the day.

Thats not all! Now that each item has a timestamp we can incorporate that into our charts on the Trends tab. Not only can you see how your nutrition and biometrics fluctuate over time, but you can see changes from moment to moment throughout a single day. If you track things like blood glucose or ketone levels, you can get insights into your data like never before.

We also know that nobody is perfect, including us! So if you see any issues don’t hesitate to report them to support@cronometer.com.

We’d just like to end by saying thanks to all our gold subscribers. Your support makes Cronometer possible.


Aaron Davidson

CEO & Founder


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