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We now support Fitbit devices



We’ve just launched support for fitbit devices. If you own a fitbit device you can now sync your fitbit data to your cron-o-meter diary.

We can currently import your weight and body fat % (If you own the Fitbit Aria wireless weight-scale), and your hours of sleep and activity (from fitbit wristband devices).

To up Fitbit sync just go to the ‘Profile’ tab and scroll to the bottom where there is a section for ‘Devices’:

 Click the ‘Link Fitbit Account’ button to authorize cronometer.com to sync with your fitbit data:

Click ‘Allow’ when prompted by fitbit, and you will be taken back to your diary where your fitbit data should start to magically import into your diary:

It’s that easy!

You can purchase compatible fitbit products here:


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  • The Cron-o-meter importing to Fitbit topic seems to have weight. Are there any plans to implement this feature in the future?

  • Which fitbit devices are compatible with cronometer? I want to buy one, but just dont know which. Till now I was using Polar smart watch, ...which I can't sync. Thank you

  • Does the sync to Jawbone UP3 work also? Including the food logs?

    Thanks much!! I have been looking for a more inclusive app to use. I just discovered your site & app today from a friend's recommendation. I don't want to enter the information twice in order to get the detailed information it looks like your app will provide me.

  • Hi,
    This looks like a great app, thanks!! I might be a bit confused, but I've been logging my food in FitBit for a long time. I've seen my exercise & weight data transfer over to Cron-o-meter, but it didn't pull my food diaries. Is that not an option?

    If I switch to logging food in Cron-o-meter, will it export to FitBit?

    • Rachel

      As of the time of this writing, we do the following with Fitbit:

      Import Weight
      Import Body Fat %
      Import Sleep
      Import Activity
      Export Food Calories

      As for what they import, you would have to ask them that. Glad you like CM!

      Best regards,


    • Joseph

      Currently not at this time, but it will get put on our list if it is not already there.

      Best regards.


  • Right now, the only thing keeping me from using Chronometer is the fact I can't import my calories FROM Fitbit. I log my food there because of the superior database (I'm not from the US). I think many many users would benefit from that.

  • Hi, I have a Fitbit/Fitbit app that is importing calories eaten from Cronometer, and is exporting calories burned to Cronometer. The calories eaten are the same number in each app. The problem is that the calories burned don't match. My calories burned in Cronometer are significantly higher by about 300-700+ calories than they are in the Fitbit app. Do you know why this would be happening and how to reconcile?

    • Liz

      The reason the minutes is different is that we're reporting the total minutes of activity from Fitbit which includes minutes of light activity, and Fitbit only reports moderate + high minutes of activity on their dashboard. The calorie value is the same, they just don't show the light minutes in the total.

      Best regards


      • Same issue here. Mines is always exactly 200 calories more on cronometer than from the fitbit. I am talking kcals burned for the day, not minutes of activity.

      • Hey Frank-

        I'm having the same issue as Matt. Wonder if it has to do with BMR and heart rate on Fitbit? My heart rate is low (bpm in the 50's) through the night and doesn't match up with my BMR on Cronometer. If Fitbit is using heart rate to establish BMR, which may not be the best way to measure metabolism, could this be causing the extra burn on Cronometer's end?


      • Hi Frank,

        Could your team take a closer look at this? My numbers always matched before but are now suddenly showing around 300 more on Cronometer side. Maybe Fitbit changed something about how they are reporting.