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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the calories not match multiplying carbs/protein/fat by 4/4/9?

We get asked this question a lot. The answer is due to several reasons:
  • The 4/4/9 multiplier scheme is just a very rough way to approximate the Calories in food. In reality, it is not that simple. Our database provides more accurate values, whenever possible
  • In particular, fiber converts to a small amount of calories, but not nearly at the same rate as non-fiber carbohydrates. Our total carbohydrate value includes fiber, so multiplying a high fiber food's by 4 will overestimate the calories.
  • Food Product labeling is often rounded down to the nearest whole number. This can significantly throw off the calculated values.

Why does my nutrition report say I had trans-fats when I logged natural foods?

Because, some natural foods contain trace amounts of natural trans-fatty acids. These are currently not considered as harmful as artificial trans-fats created through hydrogenation.