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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Diary
  3. Trends
  4. Foods and Recipes
  5. Profile
  6. Miscellaneous

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the calories not match multiplying carbs/protein/fat by 4/4/9?

We get asked this question a lot. The answer is due to several reasons:
  • The 4/4/9 multiplier scheme is just a very rough way to approximate the Calories in food. In reality, it is not that simple. Our database provides more accurate values, whenever possible
  • In particular, fiber converts to a small amount of calories, but not nearly at the same rate as non-fiber carbohydrates. Our total carbohydrate value includes fiber, so multiplying a high fiber food's by 4 will overestimate the calories.
  • Food Product labeling is often rounded down to the nearest whole number. This can significantly throw off the calculated values.

Why does my nutrition report say I had trans-fats when I logged natural foods?

Some whole foods contain trace amounts of natural trans-fatty acids. These are currently not considered as harmful as artificial trans-fats created through hydrogenation.

Can I split my diary entries into Meals?

Web: Once you have logged on with a Gold Account, you can access the 'Diary Groups' function in the 'Diary' section. Click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner of 'Diary' and select 'Diary Settings'.

Once inside the settings menu, select 'Show Groups in Diary' and click OK. Now you will be able to sort your foods into meals! Make sure you indicate your preferences in the dropdown menus labelled 'Import Data from devices into:' and 'Last Column in Diary Shows'.

You will now be able to view the nutrient breakdown of each meal by clicking on the title of each group!

Mobile: To create and edit diary groups on your mobile app, select My Profile. Under Settings, select 'Diary Settings'. Tap the toggle to 'Show Groups in Diary'. Toggle on/off diary groups, edit names, and edit diary settings.

Use actions from your diary groups on your mobile device to quickly copy/delete foods in the diary group by swiping the diary group header to the right to select the gear icon and open the settings menu.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of this information, feel free to read through the section on Diary Groups in our user guide.

How do I scan a Barcode?

Web: The UPC Code Scanner is not available on the Web Version of Cronometer. You can download the iOS app from the Apple Store or the Android App from the Google Play Store.

Android and iOS: Select the Orange '+' in the bottom center of the main page and then select 'Scan Food'. If the food item is not already in our database, you can add it as a custom food for yourself and you can add it to our queue of food items to be added to our database.

You can also scan a food from the Search Foods screen by tapping the barcode icon to the right of the text box.

What do I do if the Nutrition information is different in Cronometer than on my product's label?

Web: You can report an issue with your specific food by right clicking on the food entry in your diary to select 'view/edit selected food'. Then select the settings icon in the top right corner, and select 'report an issue'. Make sure you submit clear and complete photos of the product and a detailed description of the problem so that we can get the issue fixed!

Mobile: Tap 'More details' and select the '!' icon in the top right corner. Make sure you submit clear and complete photos of the product and a detailed description of the problem so that we can get the issue fixed!

Why Isn't There a Separate Cronometer Listing for My Organic Food?

We do our best to find data, and we are at the mercy of what the labs test. We are not a lab and do not test foods for their nutrient content. Our nutritional values for generic produce are meant to represent the average values of what is consumed, and would be similar to the organic version of the produce.

You can also create your own custom foods (with your custom values) by following these stepsin our user guide.

How do I add my own food if it isn't already in the database?

Web: You can add custom foods by following these steps.

Mobile: Select the 'My Food' Tab at the bottom of your screen. Then select 'Add New Food'. You will then be prompted to enter nutrient values. Don't forget to Save!‚Äč You can also scan the barcode of your product to add your product as a custom food!

How do I add a Supplement to my Diary?

You can do this exactly the same way as if you are entering a food. When you create a custom food for your supplement, select the Supplement category from the drop-down list.

How do I track my Water Intake?

You can track water the same way as adding a food to your diary. For example, add 'Tap Water' to your food diary. Then scroll to your nutrient targets and you will see the target bar for water begin to fill up.

Why does Cronometer Measure kcal instead of Calories?

They are actually the same! 1 kcal = 1 Calorie. Food calories (or large calories), the Calories used on food labels, are in fact kcals. The ''C'' is capitalized on Calories to avoid the confusion with small calories.

Why Doesn't Cronometer Subtract Sugar Alcohols from my Net Carbs?

Cronometer defaults to include sugar alcohols in the Net Carbs. To subtract sugar alcohols you can go to the Profile tab, scroll down to 'Macronutrient Targets' and un-check the box in front of 'Include sugar alcohols in net carbs'.

Sugar alcohols are a category of sugars which you can frequently find broken down on your Foods' packaging as Erythritol, Xylitol, Glycerol, Sorbitol, and Maltitol among other less common varieties.

How Do I Create a Recipe in Cronometer?

Web: You can create a Recipe by selecting 'Create new Recipe' in the Foods Tab. Add ingredients by selecting the green '+' button and searching for your ingredients in the search dialogue that appears. You can also create a recipe from previously entered ingredients by multi-selecting all the ingredients entered into your diary on a specific day; right click on them and select 'Create recipe from selected items'. Once you have saved your recipe you will be able to search for the recipe's name in the search dialogue on both your web and mobile versions of Cronometer.

iOS/Android: You can create a recipe on your mobile app by selecting the 'My Food' tab and selecting 'Add New Recipe'. You can add ingredients by selecting the Orange button 'Add ingredients'. Don't forget to select a convenient serving size for the size of recipe you normally consume! To learn more about creating a recipe you can look at our user guide.

How Do I Edit a Recipe in Cronometer?

Web: Select the recipe from your list in the Foods tab or by searching for your recipe's name. This will open the recipe in the food editor. You can now edit the text of the name, servings, add/remove ingredients. Don't forget to save your changes! When you save your changes you can apply the changes to past entries in your diary, or save the new version of the recipe going forward only.

If you use a recipe a lot, but make substitutions or alter serving sizes each time you make the recipe, we have a better option for you. Go to your Diary tab, add the custom recipe to your diary. Right-click the recipe in your diary to bring up the menu, and select Explode Recipe. This will break down your recipe into each of the ingredients (based on the serving size you entered). Then you can edit/delete foods to quickly modify the recipe each time.

Mobile: Select the 'My Food' Tab at the bottom of your screen. Scroll down to find the Heading 'My Recipes' and select the recipe you wish to edit. Then select 'Edit' in the top right Corner. Make your changes and don't forget to save by selecting 'Options' in the top right Corner and then selecting 'Save' from the menu. If you wish to edit a copy of your recipe, you will need to log in to your account via the web and follow the steps listed above in the 'Web' section of this topic'. To Explode Recipe on your mobile device, add the food to your diary, and swipe the diary entry to the right. Then select the blue gear icon that appears. Select Explode Recipe from the Menu.

Can I Track Antioxidant capacity/ORAC Values With Cronometer?

The USDA had previously listed antioxidant capacity for some of the foods they analyzed. However, further research showed there was no correlation between the ORAC values measured in a test tube and the antioxidant capacity of the food in our bodies. Therefore the ORAC values have been removed from the USDA database.

Hopefully, we will have some better methods in the future which measure antioxidant capacity. Until then, you could look at the amounts of the antioxidant nutrients to compare foods - vitamins A, E, C and selenium are all essential nutrients that work together to fight free radicals in our bodies.

How do I Sync Cronometer with Google Fit & Apple Health?

Go to The Profile tab on your Android Device, and select 'Connect Google Fit'.

You can connect Apple Health to Cronometer by selecting the profile tab at the bottom right of your Cronometer App on iOS and select 'sync with apple health'. Make sure you allow permissions so that Cronometer will Sync Correctly.

How Do I Delete an Item From my Diary?

Web: You can right click on your diary entry to Delete an Item, or select the item and then select Delete Selected Items from the settings menu in the top right corner of your screen. If you wish to delete multiple items at once, hold shift while selecting your items, then right click and select 'Delete selected items'. You can clear your entire day by selecting 'Clear all' from the settings menu in the top right corner of your diary.

Mobile: Swipe your diary entry to the left to reveal the trash icon. Select this to delete the item. To delete multiple items on mobile, select the settings menu (3 dots in the top right corner) on your diary screen. Then select Multi select. Select the items you wish to delete, then select the gear icon in the top right corner and select Delete. You can clear your entire day on mobile by selecting Delete all from the settings menu on your diary screen.

How Do I Print My Daily Diary

Gold subscribers can generate reports which can include your diary and your notes. Go to the website and select the Trends tab. Then select the Full Report tab and tick off the Daily Diary box. Select Generate Report.

If you don't have a gold account you can export the data into .csv format (Excel Spreadsheet). Select the Profile tab, then select the 'Gear' icon under Account Information. Select Export Data from the drop down menu, and choose Export Servings.

How do I Upgrade to Gold?

Web: Select the 'Profile' tab and select 'Upgrade to Gold' from the drop Down menu in the Account Settings Box.

Mobile: Select the 'My Profile' tab and select 'Gold Status: Not Subscribed'. You will then have the opportunity to view Gold subscription plan options.