User Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Diary
  3. Trends
  4. Foods and Recipes
  5. Profile
  6. Miscellaneous

Trends & Analysis

The Trends page lets you see how your data looks over time. You can see how your calories and macronutrients have been historically broken down. You can chart all of your biometrics, and you can run a nutrition report over your recent data to see how your average nutrition looks.

Calories Breakdown

The calorie breakdown shows your caloric intake over the past week, and breaks down where the calories are coming from (fats, proteins, carbs, and alcohol).

Biometrics Charts

The biometrics chart lets you plot individual biometrics (most commonly, your weight) over time.

Nutrition Report

The nutrition report will show you your average daily nutrition details over the specified time range.

There are a few important options. Since it is reporting averages, you may or may not want to include the current day in the results. If you are only part-way through the current day and haven't logged everything, it will bring your averages down. If so, you can uncheck the 'Include Today' option. Likewise, if you missed logging for some of the days in the time range, they would also bring your averages down artificially, and so unchecking 'Include Empty Days' will skip days that have no entries. The only time you would want to include empty days is if you actually fasted on those days.

Finally, there is an option to Include or Exclude Supplements in the results. This is useful if you log your daily vitamin supplements but want to see a report based on just the whole foods you eat and not including your daily regimen of supplements.


Snapshots allows you to upload photos of yourself, logging your vitals at the time of upload.

Taking a photo of your body before you start any new nutritional program is helpful for two important reasons:

  1. It helps you estimate your body fat percentage
  2. It gives you a "before" photo that can serve as great motivation for sticking with the program.

To upload a photo, click on the 'Upload Photo' button and pick a saved photo on your device. The photo must be a .png or .jpg file.

After uploading a photo, you may click and edit the photo's title. In addition, clicking on the gear icon in the top right of each photo frame will allow you to delete your uploaded photo, download the photo or edit the photo's accompanying note.

Whether you take the photo yourself or ask someone to shoot it for you, these tips will help you create a picture that will be an important piece of your journey to better health.