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Cronometer Basic is the free version of Cronometer. Our basic version gives you the tools you need to track all your macro and micronutrients in your diet.

Cronometer Gold Logo

Cronometer Gold is our paid version that provides our users with fasting timers, diary groups, food suggestions and all our premium features.

Cronometer Professional Logo

Cronometer Pro is our version for healthcare pros, nutritionists, dietitians, universities and research teams. It allows you to customize your clients' account.

Cronometer Enterprise Logo

Cronometer Enterprise is our Pro version, but built for large institutions like hospitals. It can provide HIPAA compliancy, staff training, and API access.


Key Messaging

  • Free to sign up and use.
  • The most accurate, comprehensive nutrition tracker on the market.
  • Eat smarter and live better with Cronometer.
  • Discover your nutrition with Cronometer.
  • Cronometer helps you to focus on your nutrition as a whole. Not just to count your calories.
  • Can support any diet whether its Keto, Vegan, Paleo or a restricted one set by your doctor.
  • Used and preferred by healthcare professionals, research teams, hospitals and universities across the nation because they can trust Cronometer's nutrition data.
  • Cronometer is a Canadian company whose growth has been a result of positive word-of-mouth from its users.
  • Get incredible customer service from real humans located in the idyllic mountain town of Revelstoke, BC, Canada.
  • Cronometer was built by founder and CEO, Aaron Davidson. A nutrition nerd who just so happened to be a software developer. He needed an app to track his CRON diet (calorie restriction with optimal nutrition). There wasn't an app on the market that was accurate – so he built it.


Visual Identity

How to use our branding:

  • Use the logos to link to our website
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  • Use the logos if you have a Professional subscription and are communicating this as a feature to your clients.

How not to:

  • Modify the logos in any way
  • Integrate our logo into your logo
  • Change the colours, dimensions, or add styling like drop shadows

Logos & Screenshots

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