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At The Root Nutrition LLC

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At The Root Nutrition LLC
Health Coach
Registered Dietitian (RD, RDN)
Video Conference
Denver, CO, USA
Nice to meet you! I'm here today pursuing what once was a dream of determining root causes of health concerns and less than optimal wellbeing. I'm a Functional Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, and Integrative Health Practitioner. My mission today is to bring to you what I've learned through education, clinical experience, and functional medicine testing. I will provide you personalized, science-backed dietary interventions, exercise and lifestyle modifications, and therapeutic supplement protocols, so you, too, can determine your root cause for health concerns and achieve the optimal wellbeing you deserve. I, too, have had my share of health struggles. At 16 years old, I was prescribed a birth control pill as a bandaid approach for painful periods which felt intuitively wrong at the time, despite having little knowledge on the topic. For the next 10 + years, health concerns came and went related to hormonal imbalances, gut distress, anxiety, skin breakouts, and sleep issues, to name a few. My blood work through my doctors year after year came back beautiful, until hypothryoidism eventually showed up. I felt as if my only choice was medication but my intuition took over again. Something was not right. I did not want another bandaid. I wanted answers. Flash forward to working clinically in a hospital in a variety of settings: high-risk pregnancy clinic, critical care unit, cardiac ICU post-open heart surgeries, psychiatric treatment center, and medical surgical floors. I’m eternally grateful to have experience working with a host of chronic illnesses but I wanted to help people on a deeper level and at an earlier phase in their health. When I came across functional medicine testing, I was able to discover my root causes of my symptoms which likely dated back to childhood and adolescent years. I made the promise that I would do the same for others.
Weight Loss
Women's health
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Phone: 4016261380
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