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avocado ali

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avocado ali
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Longwood, FL 32750, USA
I'm a mom of 2 active boys and became a fitness instructor and nutritionist in her late 40's. It's NEVER too late to get healthy or to reverse disease! My health issues previously consisted of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Spastic Colon, Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and Constant Fatigue. The reason I became certified in the area of fitness and nutrition was to overcome these issues. Once becoming a nutritionist my goal was to help my family. My husband immediately got on board as he saw first hand the changes I experienced and then shortly after my mom began changing her eating as well to begin to overcome diabetes and pain. I am passionate about helping others change their lifestyle to avoid or reverse chronic pain and illness in a way that fits their individual needs without making them feel deprived in any way. This passion is driven from the madness of how the western world eats and how we have been lied to by the food and pharmaceutical industries regarding what is healthy and what will heal us. My goal is to deliver evidence-based truth and simplify it for those who are open to hearing it and living it! My promise is to be your number one fan and supporter as you begin reversing your health issues and enjoy the side effect of weight loss as well!
Certified Fitness Instructor through SHiNE Dance Fitness & The American Fitness Professionals Association Certified Holistic Nutritionist through The American Fitness Professionals Association
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Eating to Heal
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Email: alitudes@yahoo.com
Phone: 321.231.9304
Website: www.avocadoali.net
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