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Awakening Pathways
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As a Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach and having a Master's Degree in Organizational and Personal Development, I utilize motivational interviewing techniques to guide you towards your own intrinsically motivated healthy choices and habit changes. I am here to support and assist you to gain personal insights, increase your knowledge and feel empowered at an advanced pace. My approach to coaching is both holistic and visionary. I will guide you to your own ah-ha moments so you can reflect on how your current situation affects you and what your rewards have been for staying in that situation. We reframe these and create a plan of new habits and motivations and then celebrate each new step. I truly enjoy being a mentor who helps educate, empower and support positive personal growth with in-depth knowledge, inner wisdom and compassion. Organization, streamlining and a winning personality are my superpowers. I have the ability to see the big picture as well as the small details for organizations, small groups and individuals. I have also been an invited presenter for many groups in various fields of interests. I can help with health challenges that range from, but not limited to: weight loss, smoking, diabetes / balanced blood sugar, heart health, exercise, body image, digestive issues, sleep, hormones, acute and chronic pain / conditions, inflammation, stress, food / nutrition, food and food additive allergies / sensitivities, brain fog / energy, brain-gut axis, emotional eating, cold and flu season and addressing susceptibility of relapse with new habits.
Certified Health and Life Coaching Finding the help you need, in a way that fits your life!
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Email: awakeningpathwaystohealth@gmail.com
Website: https://www.awakening-pathways.com/
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