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Eddie Gonzalez

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Eddie Gonzalez
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Hello! My name is Eddie Gonzalez and I am a Certified Nutrition Coach. A little about me: I have faced persistent challenges in determining appropriate dietary choices and effective plans to align with my personal goals. Throughout a significant portion of my life, I engaged in a fluctuating pattern of dieting that undermined my confidence and hindered the pursuit of my passions. It took years of perseverance and a dedicated commitment to self-education on the subjects of nutrition, as well as strength and hypertrophy training principles, to overcome these hurdles. Today, after more than three years of relentless effort, I am elated to proclaim that I have not only attained a physique that fills me with pride, but I have also experienced a profound increase in self-assurance, contentment, and authenticity. Allow me to give you the straightforward yet highly effective health habits that will guide you toward realizing your desired physique. Furthermore, I will provide you with the necessary tools to sustain your progress over the long term. Health is a lifestyle, its the little habits overtime that help to achieve big goals.
Certified NCI Nutritionist Coach Personal Training Coach / Workout Plans 3+ years of lifting and dieting Experience Worked with over 10 + Clients Achieve their goals
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