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Hugo Gonzalez, M.S. Clinical Nutrition

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Hugo Gonzalez, M.S. Clinical Nutrition
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I have been a fitness professional for the past 8 years. I believe that along with exercise and proper nutrition; the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy body (physically and mentally) is through the proper implementation of behavioral changes. My goal is to educate clients in the importance of proper form, posture, coordination, and nutrition to help them overcome any barriers and develop lifelong behavior changes through the implementation of positive behavioral changes. I’ve dedicated my career as a Fitness/Nutritionist Professional to empower a vast majority of individuals from older adults, general population and Soccer Collegiate Athletes (men and women). My mission statement is to bridge the gap between chronic illnesses and nutrition. We are here to Educate, Collaborate, and Empower our community through the power of Nutrition. ReBorn Fit, inc. envisions a community of healthy individuals utilizing the healing powers of proper implementation of nutrition. We bring our vision to reality by utilizing the latest research and individualized dietary recommendations. As a company we stand behind our core values: Educate: We are here to educate individuals in the importance of utilizing nutrition as a preventive mechanism. We believe in the power of knowledge, nutritional knowledge is a key component of achieving optimum health. Empower: We want to use the power of nutrition to empower you into taking charge of your life. Nutrition deficiencies can lead to multiple chronic illnesses, identifying your needs is our goal, together we will build a proper foundation for success. Love What We Do: We take pride in being passionate, loving our crafts, and most importantly we love changing lives via the power of fitness and nutrition.
M.S. Clinical Nutrition B.S. Kinesiology ACSM - Certified Exercise Physiologist Co-Founder/CEO ReBorn FIt, Inc.
Weight Loss
Chronic Illness management
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Email: hugonzalez@csumb.edu
Phone: 831-210-5036
Website: https://www.rebornfitlifestyle.com/
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