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Jennifer Rogers

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Jennifer Rogers
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1708 4th St, Nevada, IA 50201, USA
Hello! I am Coach Jenn. My story begins with my love of nature and playing outdoors as a child. I spent most of my youth outdoors building forts in the timber & prairie in the undeveloped areas of my neighborhood. I was active in softball and spent almost every day of the summer at the local swimming pool. There was truly no better way to spend my days than exploring nature, riding bikes & living in the sunshine. As I moved into my teenage & early adult years, I dealt with depression which resulted in rebellious behavior. During this time, I was lost and estranged from my family, nature, and chose to be the worst version of myself. As I approached each new year of adulthood, I eventually found my way back to the clarity of self awareness & creating the best version of me. Through the successes and trials, I found myself surrounded by a community of like minded people in a gym. This gym not only provided me a place for self development; it provided me with a new found passion for helping others. As the years continued to pass me by, I was offered a position with my gym to coach others both physically, mentally & nutritionally. This progression over six years is how I found myself investing in a certification through Precision Nutrition. The next step I accomplished was starting my own business, Naturally Rooted. The foundation has been laid by my life choices from a youth filled with outdoor activities, a soul searching adolescence, and a growing adulthood of determination. Today I am humble, happy, and hungry for all that there is to learn & grow in the fields of nature, fitness, and nutrition. Let me help you experience the fulfillment that leading a healthy lifestyle will give you.
Precision Nutrition, Exercise & Sport Nutrition Level 1 Certification
Weight Loss
Weight maintenance and/or weight gain/increase
Contact Info
Email: thenaturallyrooted@gmail.com
Phone: 515-460-0660
Website: https://www.facebook.com/thenaturallyrooted
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