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Judy Lacroix

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Judy Lacroix
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My own journey helped me to experience a great undoing on many levels. I love how the body, mind and heart work together synergistically to create metabolic shifts that induce greater health and well-being. I understand what it is like to struggle with stubborn weight, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, misusing food to comfort stress filled emotions, hiding behind low self-esteem, fatigue, brain fog and sore joints all created by what I now know was, a war going on inside myself. I like to work with individual persons or smaller groups of persons for 9 weeks/63 days. This is the average number of days it takes to really make and anchor in changes and benefit from results. I honor that each person’s process is unique to them. During the time we work together, you are expected to show up, fully participate and even enjoy your journey on a new path of discovering the truth of your own body, mind and heart. Please visit my website to learn more about the one and one and group services currently offered. Thanks for checking in.
Keto and Intermittent Fasting Coach – 2021 Brains from Trauma to Repair -2021 Certified Professional Never Binge Again Coach -2020 Certificate of Completion – Science and Implementation of Ketosis Human Chemistry – 2020 Court of Atonement- 2017 Awakening the Illuminated Heart- 2012 Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself- 2012 BioMat Therapist- 2012 Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor – 2012 Certified One Command Practitioner – 2012 Seven Path Self Hypnosis – 2011 Healing from the Body Level Up – Level I – 2010 JustLove and Just Communication- 2004 The Work-May 2003 Health Minister – Healthways, LLC – 2002 Science of Mind Practitioner – Level I and II – 1994 Touch for Health – Level I – 1982 Licensed Practical Nurse -1980
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Binge Eating
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Email: jlacroix0156@gmail.com
Phone: 352 631-2168
Website: www.mymetmiracles.com
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