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Keto Coach LLC

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Keto Coach LLC
Keto Coach LLC provides private coaching services for clients to assist you in achieving weight loss and wellness goals using ketogenic methods that are unique to your lifestyle. Our Mission is to free you from the chains of diet fads, meal plans, supplements and unnecessary medical interventions by teaching you life-long weight loss, maintenance and wellness tools. About the Owner: Loralyn Hamilton is the owner, operator and head coach of Keto Coach LLC. The company is based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and serves clients worldwide through text, email. phone and social media. Loralyn is a published author and owner of The Quantum Quill, a successful business communications and writing company established in 2005, where she provided communications consulting for local businesses in addition to coaching Keto clients, until transitioning to Keto Coach LLC full-time in 2017. In 1994, suffering from fatigue and hormonal imbalances, she was diagnosed borderline hypoglycemic and was recommended the book Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. Loralyn dove head first into the science behind the diet and never looked back. Loralyn has spent the last 20 years studying biochemistry, functional medicine, and nutrition and it's effects on the body and brain. She has studied top diet trends extensively including Beach Body/Body for Life, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Whole 30, Sugar Busters, HCG and many more. In March 2010, Loralyn was featured in the book The New Atkins for a New You where she provided her 13 year testimony of living the ketogenic lifestyle. Throughout her journey, Loralyn has developed proprietary methods which are proven to expedite ketosis and assist the body in adapting to its new fuel source, in addition to tips and tricks which teach clients weight management and wellness tools for life. Expedite your weight loss and wellness journey today! Choose Freedom!
Over 23 years of experience with the ketogenic lifestyle and coaching clients towards success in achieving weight loss and wellness goals. Featured in the The New Atkins for a New You book published in 2010. Bachelor of Organizational Leadership (Business Management and Human Resource Specialties combined), Southern Nazarene University Communications expert; life-certified in nutrition, wellness and the ketogenic lifestyle.
Weight Loss
Functional Medicine & Nutrition
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Email: Ketocoachinfo@gmail.com
Phone: 405-650-8510
Website: www.ketocoach.today
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